Jim Jordan Explodes During Congressional Hearing After Hunter Biden Refuses to Show Up

Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) exploded at a Congressional hearing intended to expose evidence of potentially impeachable offenses committed by President Joe Biden in furtherance of his son Hunter Biden’s foreign influence-peddling schemes.

The president’s son defied a Congressional subpoena and skipped the public hearing, one day after former Trump adviser Peter Navarro reported to a Miami prison for the same offense leading to Contempt of Congress charges. He will now serve four months in prison.

Jordan asked a series of questions that elucidate the Biden administration’s refusal to answer to the Constitutional rule of law, nor to investigate critical matters of national security.

“Who planted the pipe bombs on January 6th? Nobody seems to know. Who leaked the Dobbs draft opinion? The leak that led to an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh,” he said.

“How about this one: Who left cocaine at the White House? Biden administration doesn’t seem to have time to answer these questions,” he went on. “They’re too busy investigating parents at school board meetings, labeling Catholics ‘extremists,’ retaliating against whistleblowers. They’re too busy putting together a sweetheart deal for Hunter Biden.”

“The deal that got laughed out of court, and oh, the guy who put together the deal that got laughed out of court. That’s the guy they named Special Counsel,” he added.

“You know what Democrats do have time for? Going after President Trump. They’ve been doing it for eight years. They spied on his campaign. Then it was the Mueller investigation, 19 lawyers, 40 agents, $30 million and found nothing. Then it was impeachment, then it was raiding his home, then it was the Special Counsel, then it was the 14th Amendment.”

“The Party of Democracy said, we’re going to keep the guy off the ballot who’s leading in every single poll,” he said. “The ranking member said that President Trump should be disqualified from even running for office. Thank goodness we have a Supreme Court who disagreed with the ranking member and the Democrats nine to zero. Not 5-4, not 6-3, not 7-2, not 8-1 — 9 to 0 they disagreed.”

“Now, Democrats say, how dare, how dare Republicans investigate Joe Biden?” he went on. “How dare they look into the money, the business and the brand? Millions of dollars, as the chairman said, millions of dollars from foreign entities run through 20 different companies for what? I mean, 20 different companies for what Devon Archer told us what it was for — access to the brand and the brand was Joe Biden, the brand that played rounds of golf, took calls and meetings, attended lunches and dinners with Hunter Biden and his business partners. The brand that… conditioned 1 billion of American tax money on the firing of the prosecutor, pressuring the company Hunter Biden sat on the board of… and oh, by the way, was getting paid a million bucks a year.”

By Melinda Davies
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4 months ago

Yup. It’s true. Sheep just don’t respond.

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