Jesse Watters Brings to Light Report that Police Log for Obama Chef Death Left Blank for Reason of Call

Former President Barack Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell was tragically found dead Sunday. Tafari allegedly drowned while paddle boarding with another person. The call to police came in to Edgartown.

The time was reportedly 7:46. The reason for the call was left blank. This information comes out as a report from the Daily Mail gets additional exposure by Fox News Jesse Watters. Watters says most call logs are not left blank.

This could still be a coincidence or accident but many wonder why it happened and it could lead to more speculation. Police have not named the person who was with Tafari. The Daily Mail link above shows a screenshot of the blank police log. Daily Mail said in part:

Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee told that the call log is generated by the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office. 

He could only speculate on why the reason for the call is left blank, saying it may be because the caller from Obama’s property didn’t dial 911, which automatically generates location data, and instead made a direct call to a business line.

Benny Johnson posted the Jesse Watters clip:

“DARK NEW TWIST: Police call logs for Obama chef found DEAD at Barack and Michelle’s mansion left BLANK?!”

“There’s something strange going on” Watters claims the Mail is reporting. “Could be a mistake, but every other call that night was properly filled out…” “Police haven’t released the 911 call yet or said who made the call, but the log also states that the call came from an address two miles away from the Obama home, but when the story first broke we were told it came from the Obama property…”

Watters said he also found out now that the 911 call was made by a woman, and that his show will continue to follow and update on this story.

By Liam Donovan
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