Japan Warns ‘Tsunami of Death’ Will Soon ‘Wipe Out’ Vaxxed Humanity

Leading scientists in Japan are raising the alarm after discovering evidence that a “tsunami of death” is about to wipe out the vast majority of humans who received at least one Covid mRNA shot.

Japanese officials are warning that the Replicon mRNA shots are about to unleash a biological tsunami on the entire world.

From the interview on the Jim Fergusson Show:

“Those who become infected are being referred to as ‘replicons.’

“They will go on to infect everyone who gets near them and will in turn infect others.

“The term ‘Replicons’ will be the term used to describe those who take the shot and replicate the spike shedding and cause massive infection in other people who they come into contact with us.

“The globalists are planning to inject thousands with a self-replicating mRNA variant gene editing shot in a football stadium in Yokohama that seats 40,000 people and which that is designed to cause massive spike shedding of the most dangerous kind.”

“The globalist parasites have almost completed the building of their secret bunkers.”

Are they going to suddenly disappear as the rest of humanity faces this unprecedented crisis and is this “The Event” that has been whispered secretly in Elitist circles for the last 18 months.

Is this how they plan to get every human to have mRNA into their bodies?

Weaponized mass Illegal Immigration is at an advanced stage and the illegals will be used to control indigenous populations and lockdown entire cities carrying out the globalist orders.

Michael Yon who is a former US Special Forces veteran and Green Beret has uncovered a truly horrific plan that is imminent in Yokohama stadium. He has been working with top Japanese virologists who have exposed this dangerous and horrific plan.

The ultimate plan is to reduce population but this new development will mean that everyone who gets into close contact for example by sharing public transport will mean that the unvaccinated will become infected. Michael is going to great risk and has been traveling the world investigating what is going on.

He has direct Intelligence contacts with what has been happening but this new and very evil plan is a complete game changer.

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The Deagal report has stated that by the year 2025, there will be massive unprecedented population losses.

The United States could see a population reduction from 330 million to 89 million.

The UK may see a fall in population from 67 million to 15 million.

Other countries face similar dire population reductions.


It comes amid warnings from Ferguson that the mass numbers of illegal migrants that are pouring into our respective countries are in fact UN soldiers.

“These are UN Soldiers and they will be deployed by the World Health Organization (WHO) when they announce the next Pandemic Lockdown,” he warns.

The Black Watch a Scottish Infantry regiment based in Perth Scotland has been instructed to train illegal migrants to carry out crowd control and other measures to force compliance within the British population in the event of a civil uprising of the population against the government, according to Ferguson.

There are bird flu and Avian influenza H5N1 vaccines being flown into the UK right now ready to be used on the British Public.

UK Businessman John O’Looney raises the alarm and says he has conclusive evidence that these UN soldiers are being trained by British forces who are being ordered to do so by globalists infesting the British Government.

John has stated that he has surveillance and video evidence of what is going on along with detailed vehicle and registration numbers of the vehicles that are in use.

The details that are emerging suggest that British Forces will be sent abroad to fight Russia in Ukraine that will effectively leave no patriotic soldiers within Britain to protect the British population and that Illegal migrants will be issued Uniforms and given powers by the Globalists to Police, control and order the British people to stay at home and will have the powers to get physical and arrest anyone who does not comply.

This explains why Canada, The United States, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe are all facing the same plan by the Globalists.

These Illegal migrants have no loyalty to the host countries and will gleefully follow orders from the globalists to subjugate and control the people in our respective countries.

This is a betrayal of biblical proportions.

It’s time to get prepared and it’s time to resist.

By Hunter Fielding
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