James Woods Exposes Biden’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card: ‘They Use Beau Like a Gift Card Every Time They Need a Free Pass’

Right-wing pundits and basically anyone with half a brain are posting to social media about Joe Biden.

It’s become apparent since the Devon Archer testimony that Biden lied about knowing of his son’s business dealings with foreign businesses.

Democrats defending Biden such as U.S. House Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) are moving the goalposts and implying that it doesn’t matter if Joe knew since he wasn’t involved directly and was maybe too sad about his other son passing away to be able to be aware of what was happening.

Yesterday Roseanne lambasted the Democrat hypocrisy, and now James Woods is slamming the Biden story that “sadness” kept Joe from noticing the obvious.

Yes it’s tragic any time someone loses a son, but clearly, Biden had and has not given up on political aspirations, and therefore clearly has the ability to be aware of things.

“They use Beau like a gift card every time they need a free pass. So disgusting.

“They drag his name around like old lawn furniture on a rainy day.”

Woods added:

“These sound bites are destined to be the best campaign fodder in history.”

Clearly, Woods, Roseanne, and others like John Rich know there is a rotten smell here and it’s embarrassing the nation on the global stage, unfortunately.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is trying to run for president and many see Jack Smith as the new Mueller. Others feel Trump is being punished for everything the left is actually doing.

By Liam Donovan
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