James Comer Demands Unredacted NARA Records on Joe Biden Pseudonyms Including ‘Robert L. Peters’ in Investigation into Influence Peddling

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has sent a request for documents from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that were sent, received, or copied to Joe Biden’s alleged pseudonyms emails.

He makes a specific request in relation to Biden’s “[email protected]” email address he used while VP for Barack Obama. Comer requested, “unrestricted special access under the PRA to Case Number 2023- 0022-F, entitled ‘Email Messages To and/or From Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden related to Burisma and Ukraine.’” These emails contain some of Joe’s daily schedule.


@RepJamesComer Demands NARA Provide Records Pertaining to Joe Biden’s Pseudonym Email Address: “Robert L. Peters” The address was used in a scheduling email on May, 26, 2016, about a call with the president of Ukraine The address appears 27x on the “laptop from hell,” per


Members of the House GOP have been digging into the Biden family’s alleged criminal activity abroad. Joe has stated over and over again he had nothing to do with his son’s business dealings abroad.

This has been determined to be untrue as the investigations and whistleblower testimony has shown that Joe to part in phone calls, dinners, and events that involved his son Hunter and those he was dealing with in business abroad.

The House GOP has uncovered payments made to Biden family members while Joe was VP, from individuals of other countries. This activity contracts Joe’s allegations of no wrongdoing and only raises more questions.

Many members of the House GOP have shared they believe there will be an impeachment inquiry, however, no timeline has been provided. Republicans on Capitol Hill appear to want all their ducks in a row before they go after Biden, but many feel not enough is being done.

By Liam Donovan
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