Jack Smith Dealt Major Blow as Supreme Court Declines to Play Along with his Political Expediency Mission

The United States Supreme Court apparently doesn’t want to fast track Jack Smith’s apparent mission to stop Donald Trump from getting back into the White House, even as polls show this as more and more likely.

Kyle Cheney, Politico, and others are reporting on the matter on X:

“BREAKING: Supreme Court docket reflects a *denial* of Jack Smith’s request for expedited consideration of Trump’s immunity appeal. There’s no document associated with this docket entry yet, so if there are any details or explanations, we don’t have them yet.“

“There are a couple ways this could be a huge blow to Jack Smith or a smaller one. If SCOTUS intends to consider the appeal after the DC Cicuit does, it may only be a setback of a few weeks. If they won’t take it up this term, it’s a much bigger deal. No explanation from the court here at all. No noted dissent either.”

“NEWS: Jack Smith’s March trial date for Trump’s election subversion case is in jeopardy after SCORUS denied his request to expedite Trump’s “immunity” claim. But it’s unclear whether this is a speed bump or a catastrophic blow. Now the action returns to the D.C. Circuit Court of appeals, which has arguments scheduled for Jan. 9. If they rule quickly for Smith, it could be back in the justices’ lap in a just a few weks for an even bigger decision.”

“The appeals court panel that will decide Trump’s immunity case is: -Florence Pan (Biden) -Michelle Childs (Biden) -Karen Henderson (George H.W. Bush) Normally, appeals courts move at glacial speed. But the DC circuit has blazed through some big issues connected to Trump’s D.C. case — including 6 secret proceedings overruling Trump’s privilege claims for testimony of high-level aides like Mark Meadows.”

In our view:

It makes sense that the Supreme Court, even a neutral one (many believe that’s a thing of the past), would not want to expedite something for apparent political expediency.

Many may speculate that the Democrats are playing both sides and might use this to slow down possible trouble that Joe Biden may get into in the future as well.

Many feel that Democrats don’t have many cards left to play in many instances. They appear to be losing the plot and may well be playing the “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty of” game to a degree not seen before in modern politics.

Stay tuned for possible updates to this major breaking development.

By Liam Donovan
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