Israeli Victim’s Mother Reveals: ‘Hamas Will Target Americans Next’

Hannie Ricardo, a mother from New York City, whose 26-year-old daughter Oriya Ricardo was killed by Hamas at an Israeli music festival, stated on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” this past Tuesday that once they’re done targeting Jews, they will turn their attention to Americans.

“A very happy girl, loved to party, was always the center of everything. She was the source of power of my life,” Ricardo said.

“I think that I need to speak about her and for her and for all of those 1200 young people that were massacred by Hamas. They have not a bit of humanity in them. These kids went to dance, and these kids, I know for sure, these parties are peace people. They all fight for peace, and now they’re gone and among them, my youngest daughter,” she continued.

“The only thing I can compare these monsters, these inhuman beings, are to the Nazis and the Holocaust. They are the same kind of people. The world needs to know, and the world needs to fight them,” she stated.

“When they’re done with the Jews, they will come for the Americans,” she added.

“They did it already in 9/11. And I call this massacre that happened in the south of Israel is even worse than 9/11. This is our 9/11. My daughter is one of them, this wonderful, this beautiful, cheerful, amazing girl is dead now. I’m going to bury her the day after tomorrow. My heart is broken to pieces. But I will go everywhere to speak about her, for her,” Ricardo said.


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By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

American jews?

I’m fine with that, the are THE problem in America!!!

Just like the rest of the world.

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