Investigators: ‘Climate Change’ Activists Started Hawaii Wildfires

Investigators in Hawaii have revealed that the majority of the devastating wildfires in Hawaii are believed to have been intentionally ignited by “climate change” activists.

Police and fire officials probing the wildfires are hunting for suspects believed to be radical leftists who purposely started bushfires to bring global attention to their “climate crisis” agenda.

As of late, many wildfires have been suspected to have begun as a brushfire that was lit on purpose.

Investigators also believe that most of the fires in Hawaii were caused by arson attacks.

Hawaii Island detectives suspect the wildfires were intentionally lit after finding incendiary devices near several of the ignition points.

Luckily, the Hawaii Fire Department was able to neutralize the two separate brushfires Ka’u in Naalehu and Pahala early on.

They were able to act quickly thanks to a 911 call about the origins of the first one on Mill Camp Road in Pahala.

Both fires were burning in the same area and were extinguished quickly by fire personnel.

Investigators are looking into suspicions of arson in the latest Hawaii brushfires that started out of the blue this past week in the area of Mill Camp Road.

A suspected climate activist was seen driving away from the fires in a green all-terrain vehicle.

Police believe this man may have been responsible for the fires in the North and South Kohala districts.

Many Americans and Canadians believe that the string of massive wildfires in Canada this summer were started on purpose by global warming fanatics to further push their green agenda of controlling the populace, wrecking the economy, and pushing people toward living in the big cities.

Even the wildfires in Greece this year were set by arsonists who want everyone to fear climate change and give up all their money, rights, and land to greedy overlords.

In fact, the vast majority of over 660 wildfires that decimated the nation of Greece were lit by human hands.

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They had absolutely nothing to do with “climate change.”

American climate fanatics want to blame gas, cow farts, and meat eaters for climate crises.

Essentially, the global elite wants us to believe that humans are the problem.

Meanwhile, China and India are polluting the world ten times as much and faster than America could do in 2 centuries but they get a free pass on “global warming.”

Police are asking anyone with information on the wildfires or the identities of climate change activists to contact Detective Donovan Kohara at 808-960-3118 or via email at

People can also call the department’s non-emergency number at 808-935-3311, and those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at 808-961-8300.

By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

try the CIA on for size – see if THEY fit.

D Bunk
D Bunk
7 months ago

The leftwing activists nutjobs were instigated by wef nazi Klaus Schwab and his globalists fear mongers, Bill Gates, John Kerry, and the braindead Biden’s facist administration.

7 months ago

THANK YOU! The truth has been exposed! This report is exactly what is needed. Hurricanes and dry air causing fires is bogus cow patties. Everyone reading this report should forward it quickly before someone somewhere decides to censor it. Great reporting!!

MD Anthony
MD Anthony
7 months ago

Sol now we know the activists will kill/murder others but will not themselves be martyrs for their fake cause.

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