Illegal Aliens to Be Given Voting Rights in Deep-Blue Santa Ana, California

Voters in Santa Ana, California, a strongly Democratic city in Orange County, will soon determine whether to grant local voting rights to potentially tens of thousands of foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.

Next year, during the November 5 election, voters in Santa Ana will be asked whether or not they want to approve giving the right to vote in municipal elections to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, which would then go into effect by 2028.

Based on the most recent estimates, foreign nationals make up nearly 25 percent of Santa Ana’s resident population.

The city is home to approximately 60,000 illegal aliens, and certain areas voted 81 percent in favor of President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The significance of this proposal lies in the fact that local elections are frequently determined by narrow margins, where just a few hundred votes can either make or break a candidate.

If voters give their approval, Santa Ana would join the ranks of other strongly Democratic areas in granting local voting rights to foreign nationals, including illegal aliens.

Recently, Democrats on the Boston City Council in Massachusetts proposed a plan to expand local voting rights to foreign nationals residing in the city with visas, green cards, and other legal statuses.

The Democrat city councilwoman who introduced the plan claims it is “a violation of one of our foundational American principles” to not provide voting rights to foreign nationals and illegal aliens.

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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Illegal aliens about to get a kick in the ass, back to whence they came from the red states!

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