‘I Misspoke’: Ana Navarro Forced To Correct Ridiculous False Claim About J6 Live On-Air

Ana Navarro, co-host of “The View,” had to clarify a false assertion she made about the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot on Monday.

NBC News obtained video of Republican Texas Rep. Troy Nehls engaging protesters on January 6 as a law enforcement officer pointed a pistol straight at one of them. Navarro erroneously claimed that the pistol was in the possession of a Republican lawmaker.

“That’s in the House well. That’s a Republican congressman holding a gun to the insurgents who were about to break in, who were coming for them,” Navarro said erroneously. “How can those Republicans then go on to endorse, support, and campaign for Donald Trump, who was the catalyst for that insurgency, who incited and promoted [it]? How can they live with themselves, how can they pretend to be visitors seeing the Capitol? How can they go around, [like] Elise Stefanik echoing Trump’s statements about them being hostages?”

“How dare he play with that word? How dare they try to whitewash history? And look, maybe it doesn’t work for everybody, but for me, today, I’m a single issue voter and my single issue is democracy and Trump losing,” she continued. “I can disagree with Joe Biden on policy, I have one issue I care about … Donald Trump getting nowhere near the White House ever again.”

In a later segment, Navarro clarified she “misspoke” about the gunman in the Capitol riot footage.

“Yes, I misspoke. I said a Republican congressman had been holding the gun. Actually, we don’t know if it was a Secret Service or a police officer that day, but the one holding the gun, two Republican congressmen were behind the guy — the law enforcement officer — holding the gun,” Navarro continued.

According to video published by NBC News Justice correspondent Ryan J. Reilly, the film showed Nehls and Republican Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin criticizing the rioters within the House chamber, with Nehls telling them they should be embarrassed. The legislators talked to Beckley through smashed glass on the House chamber door, which was subsequently shut.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself!” Nehls said.

“We’re coming in one way or another!” one rioter responded.

“I’ve been in law enforcement in Texas for 30 years, and I’ve never had people act this way,” Nehls said. “I’m ashamed!”

Unfortunately for the American public, Navarro only corrected one misstatement about January 6.

As independent journalist Kyle Becker noted on X, there are plenty more “inconvenient facts” about January 6 that the U.S. corporate media refuse to admit in their misleading coverage of the event.

Ana Navarro was brave enough to retract one of the misleading statements about J6 live on air. One down, hundreds more to go.

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By Melinda Davies
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