Hur Wrecks Squad Member Who Claims Joe Biden Was ‘Exonerated’ by Special Counsel Report

Former Special Counsel Robert Hur testified before the House of Representatives and dropped several “bombshell” revelations about Joe Biden’s classified documents case.

But one House Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, attempted to whitewash Robert Hur’s findings for public consumption, but with disastrous consequences.

Jayapal attempted to claim that Hur “exonerated” Joe Biden, but got instantly fact-checked. Even more absurd, however, is she scolded Hur for correcting her bogus claim.

“You exonerated [Biden],” Jayapal claimed.

“I did not exonerate him,” Hur corrected her.

“Sir, it’s my time,” she replied. “Thank you.”

Japayal fared no better in the overall course of her questioning of Hur.

“So this lengthy, expensive and independent investigation resulted in a complete exoneration of President Joe Biden for every document you discussed in your report,” she claimed.

“You found insufficient evidence that the president violated any laws about possession or retention of classified materials. The primary law that you analyzed for potential prosecution was part of the Espionage Act 18 USC 793 E, which criminalizes willful retention or disclosure of national defense information. Is that correct?”

“Congresswoman, that is one statute that we analyzed,” Hur replied. “I need to go back and make sure that I take note of a word that you used — ‘exoneration.’ That is not a word I used in my report and that is not part of my job as a prosecutor…”

“I’m going to continue with my questions,” Japayal said, talking over Hur’s response.

“You exonerated him,” she wrongfully insisted, despite Hur attempting to correct her willful distortion of the report.

Special Counsel Hur’s testimony before the House of Representatives laid out in damning fashion how Joe Biden not only mishandled classified documents, as a matter of fact and not opinion, but he had lied to about it, raising questions about obstruction of justice.

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By Melinda Davies
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John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

If Joe Biden is too mentally incompetent to be charged for an obvious violation of federal law involving a serious breach of national security, then why is he allowed to have control over the nuclear codes that could destroy all civilization? This nation and the world is in serious jeopardy by the refusal of Kamala Harris and other Bden cabinet members to exercise the powers granted them under the 25th Amendment. The Only way left to correct this potentially civilization ending catastrophe is for the military to forcefully remove Biden and Harris and install Mike Johnson as POTUS.  

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