Hunter Biden WALKS OUT of Hearing When MTG Tries to Ask Him Just One Question

Hunter Biden, the president’s beleaguered son, took to Capitol Hill in a surprise appearance on Wednesday to attend a meeting to hold him in contempt of Congress.

This set up an unprecedented live television standoff between Hunter Biden and House Republicans who have long sought his testimony as part of their impeachment inquiry into his father.

Abbe Lowell and Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s lawyers, were seated beside him.

Hunter Biden, at first, did not answer to queries.

But when Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican firebrand from Georgia, spoke up, that’s when Hunter couldn’t stand the heat. He fled the hearing with his attorneys.

“Excuse me, Hunter, apparently you’re afraid of my words,” Greene said as Hunter left the building.

“Ohhhh,” she mockingly exclaimed, drawing laughs.

“Wow, that’s too bad,” a House Rep. off-cam added.

“I think it’s clear and obvious for everyone watching this hearing today that Hunter Biden is terrified of strong conservative Republican women because he can’t even face my words as I was about to speak to him,” she added.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) earlier even called for Hunter Biden’s arrest on the spot for defying the congressional subpoena.

“Hunter Biden you are too afraid for a deposition, and I still think you are today,” she said.

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” she added.

House Republicans on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees will vote separately on Wednesday on whether to charge Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress.

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By Melinda Davies
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5 months ago

Well that little game of Hunter Biden’s blew up in his face now didn’t it?

Last edited 5 months ago by Wayne
5 months ago

How did he just walk into congress???

Something fishy here!!!

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