Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Firearms Charges After Failed Sweetheart Deal

Hunter Biden has been charged with three federal gun charges for lying on a federal form when purchasing a handgun in 2018.

Colin Rugg shared:

“BREAKING: Hunter Biden has been indicted on federal firearms charges. Good.

“Now do all the other crimes.

“In what appears to be an attempt to save face by the ‘justice’ system, Hunter will now be indicted after his sweetheart deal fell through thanks to the whistleblowers who came forward.

“Last week, Special Counsel David Weiss told U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika that an indictment was coming.

“’Noreika set Wednesday as a deadline to hear from both sides about how to move forward on the diversion agreement that would have allowed Hunter Biden to avoid jail time for a felony charge of lying on a federal form when purchasing a firearm in 2018,’ Fox News reported at the time.”

Greg Price shared the full indictment below:

“BREAKING: Hunter Biden has been indicted on three counts related to his 2018 purchase of a handgun in which he lied about not being a drug addict on the federal license form.”

Earlier this year, Trump Appointed Judge Maryellen Noreika a sweetheart plea deal the Justice Department had arranged for Hunter.

Judge Noreika shared she just couldn’t give it a stamp of approval, she pointed to the fact that Hunter was still under investigation.

Since then, prosecutor David Weiss was appointed special counsel in investigating Hunter.

Now these new charges have been brought forth.

Hunter has been at the center of an ongoing probe into Joe Biden’s possible involvement in Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

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Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced Wednesday that he was greenlighting an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden.

The pressure is on the Bidens, as the president continues to deny any involvement while Republicans continue to dig.

By Liam Donovan
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