Speaker Mike Johnson: ‘Motion Filed by Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Only a Distraction from Our Mission’

In this week’s episode of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) described Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) move to oust him as a “distraction.”

Johnson expressed his confidence in ironing out any discrepancies with Greene.

Host Tray Growdy asked him:

“How does it help the GOP razor-thin majority to be talking about a Motion to Vacate instead of talking about the border or inflation or other issues that are better for the GOP?

“How does this Motion to Vacate help win back the majority or win a bigger majority?”

Johnson replied: “I don’t think it does, and I think that all of my other Republican colleagues recognize this is a distraction from our mission.”

“Again, the mission is to save the Republic. And the only way we can do that is if we grow the House Majority, win the Senate, and win the White House.

“So we don’t need any dissension right now,” he continued.

“Look, Marjorie Taylor Greene filed the motion.

“It’s not a privilege motion, so it doesn’t move automatically.

“It’s just hanging there. And she is frustrated.”

“She and I exchanged text messages even today. We’re going to talk early next week. Marjorie is a friend.

“She is very frustrated about, for example, the last appropriations bills.

“Guess what? So am I as we discussed, Trey.

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“These are not the perfect pieces of legislation that you and I and Marjorie would draft if we had the ability to do it differently,” he added.

“But with the smallest margin in U.S. history, we’re sometimes going to get legislation that we don’t like,” he continued.

“And the Democrats know that when we don’t all stand together, with our razor-thin majority, then they have a better negotiation position, and that’s why we’ve got some of the things we didn’t like.”

“Now we fought like warrior poets to keep some of those Senate appropriations or some of the Senate earmarks out of the bill, and we were successful in getting a lot of the terrible stuff out, but if some made it through, and that’s what Marjorie is upset about, and I am too,” Johnson said.

“But I want to talk with her about reforming the budget in its spending process going forward. That’s what Republicans are for. That’s the transformational kind of changes that we can forge if we all stand together,” he concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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22 days ago

RINO Johnson is a disgrace to the GOP and the American Patriots! He must be removed! He pulled a Piglousy by calling for a vote before the bill was read. Just what BraindeadBiden and the demonRATS wanted. A trillion dollars was pork for demonRATS vote buying wants. He and the Republican house members have dragged their feet with impeachment of BraindeadBiden and others. Gaetz, Comer, and other committee leaders are no better than the RINOs and demonRATS and should be replaced this year.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
22 days ago

NO sir, it’s NOT! You blew your “mission” when you colluded to pass the left’s wish list, improperly originated, to start with, and got exactly NOTHING of what you were put there to get either! ALL spending bills are required to start in the House to be valid, period! READ the CONSTITUTION!

21 days ago

WE THE PEOPLE are tired of voting Republicans in office and they turn yellow with no spine!!! Border before Ukraine.

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