House Oversight Chair Says GOP Has Biden Impeachment Votes, Reveals Likely Timeline

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) revealed to Newsmax that House Republicans have the votes necessary to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden in September.

Comer first acknowledged the crucial role that alternative media have played in bringing the facts of the Biden corruption scandal to the American people.

“A majority of Americans, even in a CNN poll, which we know leans left, now know the truth or at least know some of the truth about the man that’s in the White House,” Newsmax host Rob Schmitt noted. “And that’s despite the media’s total refusal for the most part to cover this story. I think that’s pretty impressive. It shows the tenacity that you’ve had to get this out there.”

“Well, thank God that most Americans get their news from alternative sources other than the mainstream media,” Comer said. “Just think what that number would be if the mainstream media had just covered the facts, just covered the evidence that we’ve uncovered.”

The corporate media have largely blacked out or dismissed vital facts in the investigation to protect the Democratic President. For example, Hunter Biden collaborated with Clinton-connected Democratic strategists to “close down any cases” against Burisma; Joe Biden’s vice presidential staff colluded with Hunter’s business partner on the Burisma story; Hunter Biden’s firm sent nearly 1,000 emails to the White House, many asking for favors; Joe Biden personally met with Hunter Biden’s business partners on multiple occasions, and contacted them by phone at least 20 times, according to Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer; and the decision to press Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo’ of $1 billion was likely Joe Biden’s idea.

The testimony of two IRS whistleblowers, who the Biden administration near certainly retaliated against, averring the President Joe Biden was protected from investigation, and that the Justice department removed the team as it began to acquire critical new evidence against Hunter Biden, has also been a major development advancing the impeachment timeline.

Comer mentioned that some GOP congressmen initially harbored reservations about pursuing an impeachment proceeding. However, the substantial collection of evidence suggesting President Biden’s direct involvement in his son’s business affairs has convinced many of them to proceed with impeachment.

“They realized that we need this tool to be able to win in court because that’s where we’re headed,” Comer added. “We’ve just about picked all the low-hanging fruit.”

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He also claimed that the House Oversight Committee’s maneuvering “surprised the Biden legal team.”

“I think they thought we would start on day one and subpoena Hunter Biden,” he said. “If we had done that, it would’ve been locked up in court and any request we had, they would’ve said there’s pending litigation and they would’ve run the clock out.”

“But we got the shell companies, we got the bank records of the shell companies,” he continued. “So we built a case… And with respect to the emails, I didn’t think there would ever be an email, a government email between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden talking about his business or talking about Ukraine. What I never dreamed of is they would’ve never used pseudonyms, and what we’re finding is there’s probably thousands of emails. So this is just more evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden.”

Comer gave the probable impeachment timeline, predicting they could start as early as mid-September.

“I think the House will vote in September. And this is all up to [House Speaker] Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), but he and I have had several conversations. I know [House Judiciary Chair] Jim Jordan (R-OH) has spoken with him many times, as well,” Comer told Newsmax host Rob Schmitt. “I would predict that in the middle of September, we have a vote. I would predict that it passes.”

Comer also noted that the impeachment proceedings would aid in obtaining information from federal agencies like the National Archives and the Internal Revenue Service, which have been stonewalling on vice presidential records, bank statements, and other critical documents.

“I believe that we’ve gotten more information than anyone could have ever dreamed possible, and yet, there’s still a lot of information left to get,” Comer stated.

By Melinda Davies
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