Hollywood Star John Cusack Claims Hamas Terror Attack Was Only a Self-Defense After Talking to Palestinian Protesters in Chicago

Hollywood actor John Cusack, known for his left-leaning views, participated in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Chicago.

He later expressed his anger at what he perceives as a situation where a peaceful population is suffering under a “brutal occupation” from “invading” Israeli usurpers.

Cusack took to the social media platform X (formerly referred to as Twitter) to express his complaints on Sunday following the pro-Palestinian event.

While declining to directly address the Hamas terrorist attack that saw hundreds of Israelis brutally murdered, raped, and kidnapped, he stated:

“I was out at the Palestinian march in Chicago –
I’ll tell you what I didn’t hear –
– I didn’t hear death to Israel –
– I didn’t hear death to Jews –
– I didn’t hear people celebrating the murders of Israeli civilians.”

“What I DID hear is – we must free Palestine from a brutal occupation – people concerned for their loved ones, in a hell zone, stuck without food, water and power. Deep anguish over people being told to leave and bombed as they left,” he said.

“I heard people share personal accounts of family members who have been jailed humiliated, harassed, persecuted, targeted and killed for generations. Family members that have been hit with tear gas for no reason and they go on with similar stories about occupied life: young men, women and children whose entire families have been wiped out, who are now alone angry, humiliated and denied basic human rights – and have come to the place where they would rather die fighting than stay imprisoned or murdered – knowing that if you try to defend yourself or your family – you’re by default labeled a terrorist – that’s how it is there,” he continued.

“They say these things as realities they continue to live through. Palestinian civilians didn’t ask for a massacre – they know the military might of their occupiers – they know they stand no chance – I asked one man – does he support Hamas – he looked at me, sighed and shook his head – ‘if you’re there – what choice do you have?’ This was the grim sober truth for him,” Cusack explained.

“I realized my moral litmus test without historical context is, given the realities of the situation – meaningless,” he concluded.

Cusack is recognized for consistently sharing a steady flow of social media posts that promote communist, socialist, and far-left ideologies, often expressing anti-American sentiments.

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By Hunter Fielding
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