Hollywood Actress Jamie Lee Curtis Warns Americans: ‘We Are F**King the World’

In a recent appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, recent Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis ranted about climate change, declaring that human industry is “f**king the world.”

Jamie Lee Curtis showed up at Comic-Con on Friday to boost her latest graphic novel, “Mother Nature,” thereby sidestepping the SAG-AFTRA strike rule that restricts actors from promoting studio projects.

“We’re f**king the world. There is a possibility of change, but we’re going to have to do it,” she said at a panel discussion. She later referenced the current summer heat wave.

“It’s happening today!” she continued. “We are the hottest we’ve ever been in this country this week. I mean, talk about good timing. Seriously, we couldn’t be talking about something more important.”

Curtis also stated that she doesn’t view climate change as a partisan issue.

“I don’t care what side you’re on,” she said. “It’s happening, and there are things we can do to ameliorate it and to try to stem the tide, excuse the pun. Shit is happening, and so it feels absolutely on point right now.”

Curtis was one of more than 250 entertainment industry personalities to recently demand social media companies including Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter to censor what they called “hate” and “disinformation” about the “LGBTQ” community.

They asserted that mainstream social media platforms should not allow any criticism of the surgical mutilation of children under the name of “gender-affirming care.”

The actress revealed last year that her adopted son Thomas now identifies as a “girl” and goes by the name “Ruby.”

Curtis honored him after winning an Academy Award and announced her Oscar statue would have “they/them” pronouns “in support of my daughter Ruby.”

Months later, she declared on social media that she would “protect trans kids,” a reference to the debate over whether to sterilize children and forever impair their sexual function as adults to spare them from a so-called “wrong puberty.”

Earlier this year, Curtis mysteriously deleted a photo from her home, which depicted a naked child placed inside a box of sorts.

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By Hunter Fielding
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11 months ago

“Warns America” eh? Exactly when did she become a scientist who knows more about this fake ‘climate change’ than the experts know? She should just shut up and get her trannie son-daughter some psychiatric help. She’s just another hollywood damn fool who used to get paid to act. Where do these jackasses come from and why do they always seem to get the spotlight despite being brainless twits? Instead of fixing the planet, fix your family or better yet, fix yourself – you’re demented.

Left Coast
Left Coast
11 months ago

Curtis if f’ed in the head . . .
we just had the coldest snowiest winter in years and she said?

The two largest Emitters & Polluters on the planet are China & India . . .

6 Billion people in the Rest of the World are increasing their use of Oil, Gas & Coal by double digits every year. Britain & Germany just went back to Coal Generating.

China permitted more coal power plants last year than any time in the last seven years. It’s the equivalent of about two new coal power plants per week, The country has quadrupled the amount of new coal power approvals in 2022 compared to 2021. China last year approved the largest expansion of coal fired power plants since 2015.

Curtis has no friggin clue what is going on in the USA or the World.

And it is Impossible to change your Birth sex or gender . . . those folks need mental help.

11 months ago

Has she ever taken Earth Sciences in 7th grade? Did she even go to school?

11 months ago

Jamie Lee who? An old actress who was paid to read, speak, and act out other people’s words and directed to do so by a Director – now suddenly she’s an Einstein? Perhaps she might try instead to be a better parent and get her son/daughter to a psychiatrist asap and while there, have a few sessions herself.

Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
10 months ago

She should keep her opinions to herself and stick to acting.

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