Hollywood Actress Elizabeth Hurley Engages in a Steamy Lesbian Sex Scene in a Movie Directed by Her Own Son

Hollywood Actress Elizabeth Hurley is causing a stir with her new role where she engages in a “normal” lesbian sex scene that her own son wrote and directed.

Hurly’s son, Damian, 21, is making his directorial debut with the upcoming film Strictly Confidential, but gay website Pink News is noting that the LGBTQQIAAP2S+ community is already panting for the flick because of the lesbian sex scenes it reportedly contains.

The film’s trailer, released on February 28, includes a clip featuring Hurley and her co-star Pear Chiravara in this particular scene.

The movie, which was shot on digital cameras and looks like a cross between a mystery thriller and reality shows like Love Island or Temptation Island, elicited a lot of chatter on social media, as many users found it odd that a son would direct his own mother in a sex scene.

As for Damian, he expressed his excitement about working with his 51-year-old mother in a post on Instagram last December.

“I want to worship Elizabeth Hurley who, during the making of my first ever short film back in 2010 (when I was 8) promised me she’d be in my first feature; true to her word, the minute this film was greenlit, Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help,” he wrote.

“Working together was a dream,” he added. “Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help.”

“This has genuinely been the most incredible experience, both professionally and personally. I’ve made lifelong friends and learnt many valuable lessons I’m so so proud of this film,” Damian wrote.

Unfortunately, Damian is not the first member of Hollywood to direct his own family member in a steamy sex scene.

In September, star Ethan Hawke gushed about directing his 25-year-old daughter Maya in graphic sex scenes for Wildcat, a biopic of author Flannery O’Connor.

“We were so comfortable with it. I couldn’t care less,” Daddy Hawke stated at the time.


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By Hunter Fielding
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