Hillary Clinton Admits President Joe Biden Is ‘Old’ — Urges Americans to Embrace the ‘Reality’

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton admitted in a recent podcast interview that President Joe Biden, who is 81 years old, is “old,” but she urged voters to “go ahead and accept the reality.”

“Somebody the other day said to me…’Well, but, you know, Joe Biden’s old.’ I said, ‘You know what, Joe Biden is old. Let’s go ahead and accept the reality. Joe Biden is old,’” Clinton said Tuesday on Sirius XM’s Mornings with Zerlina.

She claimed that he was still better than former President Donald Trump because Biden has “done an effective job and doesn’t threaten our democracy.”

She argued that Trump is also “old, barely makes sense when he talks, is dangerous, and threatens our democracy.”

“So, really, pick between your two old ones and figure out how you’re going to save our democracy. Because no matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you want to maintain freedom, and the rule of law, and protection for people’s fundamental rights, or at least I used to think so,” she said.

Clinton stated that she believed concerns about Biden’s age were more about his own age rather than any discomfort Americans might have about Vice President Kamala Harris potentially assuming the role.

“It’s a challenge for a number of Americans to think of a woman as being president, and then, if the woman is also a woman of color and the daughter of immigrants, you know, that might make it even more of a challenge,” Clinton said.

“But I think it’s much more about the fact that Americans are kind of skittish about age,” she concluded.

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By Hunter Fielding
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