HBO’s Bill Maher: ‘Donald Trump Is Not Adolf Hitler, Just a Big Fan’

During Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Bill Maher criticized the mainstream media’s coverage of the 2024 election, by saying that “Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. Just a big fan.”

During his monologue, Maher said that “everyone has to stop turning the hyperbole knob up to 11” before playing a clip of Fox News host Sean Hannity saying, “Every single thing you can think of is worse under Joe Biden.”

“Oh, for f**k’s sake, Kimberley, stop being such a drama queen or go change your pad,” Maher quipped. “Right, the American dream is dead because Mars bars used to cost a dollar and now they cost $1.25.”

“Yes, everything is worse under Biden. The flowers don’t smell as sweet, the Wi-Fi is slower, IHOP tables are stickier, boners aren’t as stiff, and even the fentanyl doesn’t hit like it used to,” the Real Time host continued.

“It just gets so dull constantly hearing the same talking points you know they would be making no matter how things were going,” he added.

However, Maher admitted that he wouldn’t select President Joe Biden as his partner in Squid Game, referencing Netflix’s popular Korean series about a life-or-death contest.

“Now, would I choose Joe Biden as my partner in the Squid Games? No,” he said.

Maher continued by praising Biden, highlighting low unemployment rates and a thriving stock market, but also acknowledged the ongoing impact of inflation on the U.S. economy.

The host of Real Time then shifted the conversation to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), questioning why the “liberal media” consistently ramps up criticism to “def-con one right away” when discussing the Florida governor.

“For a while, liberal media was full of headlines and quotes about how not only was Ron DeSantis just as bad as Trump, he would be worse — more dangerous than Trump, who’s Hitler,” Maher said.

“Okay, Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler,” Maher joked. “Just a big fan.”

“Does everything have to go to def-con one right away?” the talk show host asked. “Can’t you just not like DeSantis, but concede he’s not Trump?”

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By Hunter Fielding
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