Harvard President Claudine Gay Throws in the Towel, Will Resign After Bill Ackman Sounds Alarm on Alleged Additional Plagiarism

Billionaire Bill Ackman posted to X with this link at the bottom highlighting 50 more plagiarism allegations against Claudine Gay.

He referred to it as Gaygate and insisted that people must not let up:

“New whistleblower complaint alleging 50 instances of plagiarism by @Harvard President Gay.

The whistleblower raises serious issues about how the initial investigation into Gay’s work was conducted.

The whistleblower levels credible accusations against the @Harvard governing board in its apparent attempt to quash the initial inquiry into her work and its summarial dismissal of the allegations, relying on a still undisclosed three-person panel of ‘experts’ who assessed Gay’s work outside of the normal process for such investigations.

The coverup is often worse than the crime.

The media must dig deeper here. Gaygate is in need of greater sunlight.

A must-read:

Now it’s being reported that Gay will resign.

This is a breaking story with further developments to follow.

This is also a major blow to the woke left who thinks they can do anything they want.

Stay tuned for likely updates to this developing saga.

By Liam Donovan
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1 month ago


Is claudine really Claud???

She looks quite manly to me!

Another michael Obama!

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