Gun Owners Rally in Defiance of New Mexico Governor’s ‘Suspension’ of 2nd Amendment Rights

New Mexico gun owners turned out in force on Sunday to show the state’s governor Lujan Grisham that they will not comply with her executive order ‘suspending’ their Constitutional rights in the state.

Footage of the event was provided by News2Share. Ford Fischer gave coverage of the event on X.

“Gun owners – many visibly armed – rallied in old Town Albuquerque today to openly defy the New Mexico Governor’s Executive Order banning the open and concealed carry of firearms there as a one-month ’emergency’,” Fischer reported. “Police did not intervene or enforce the order.”

“One speaker at the armed rally in Albuquerque defying the gun carrying ban told the crowd that they need to go out and do this every day, or else it wouldn’t have an impact,” he added. “While the police didn’t enforce the order, it includes a $5000 fine for violators.”

“One apparent anti-gun protester was yelled at, but then invited by the speaker to say his piece on the stage,” Fischer continued. “The crowd yelled at him for wearing a mask and applauded him when he took it off.”

“He expressed concern about gun violence in schools, which the speaker and crowd retorted by suggesting that arming veterans and well-trained teachers at schools would be a deterrent against active shooters,” the report noted.

Fischer said that it was filmed by Daniel Montaño for News2Share and was available for license.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, issued an emergency public health order on Friday, temporarily suspending both open and concealed carry of firearms in Albuquerque, the state’s largest city, for a duration of 30 days.

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Now she’s being threatened with impeachment over her suspension of constitutional rights in the state.

The decision by the Democratic governor was prompted by the recent tragic killing of an 11-year-old boy in a road rage incident involving gun violence. Governor Grisham cited this incident as the basis for declaring the emergency, acknowledging that she anticipates legal challenges but stating her belief that action was necessary due to the escalating gun-related crimes in the city.

In addition to the order, Lujan Grisham penned a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, seeking federal assistance. The governor disclosed that she had been requesting federal aid since June 2022, emphasizing the need for federal resources to combat the “escalating violence and drug and human-trafficking activity that is ravaging our great state,” she said.

“The nature and volume of these crimes require focused attention from the federal government,” Grisham said at a press conference flanked by law enforcement officials.

The New Mexico Governor then claimed that her duty to uphold her constitutional oath is “not absolute.”

“No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute,” she claimed, pointing to restrictions on “free speech.”

Grisham was immediately met with ferocious backlash

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley remarked on Grisham’s unconstitutional order.

“New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday suspended laws that allow open and concealed carry of firearms in Albuquerque for 30 days after declaring a public health emergency,” Turley noted. “The order, in my view, is flagrantly unconstitutional under existing Second Amendment precedent.”

Turley then remarked on the growing number of alleged “emergencies” that Democratic officials claim justifies their ability to ignore the Constitution.

“Democratic leaders have increasingly turned to a claim used successfully during the pandemic in declaring a health emergency to maximize unilateral authority of governors,” he commented. “There have also been calls to declare racism a public health emergency, supported by groups like the American Public Health Association. Transgender programs have also been declared a public health emergency by some groups. The motivation behind many of these calls is not to negate constitutional rights, but the question is whether such declarations allow governors discretion to suspend or curtail individual rights.”

There is no “public emergency” clause that suspends the U.S. Constitution. America’s rights do not derive from the government, but are inalienable rights that cannot be morally overruled by tyrannical officials.

By Melinda Davies
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