Greta Van Susteren Slams Rupert Murdoch for Firing Laura Ingle: ‘Fox Has Gone Off the Deep End’

Greta Van Susteren and Geraldo both seem to have confirmed that Fox News fired ‘just the facts” reporter Laura Ingle. Some have confused her with Laura Ingraham, who is not the same person.

However, it’s still important to many as many liked Ingle and don’t understand what’s happening at Fox News. The tweets below pretty much tell the tale:

“I read that @lauraingle is leaving Fox..I told Roger Ailes in 2006 to hire her…I met her in Calif covering Scott Peterson trial…she is one of the BEST reporters I have ever worked with..she is a huge loss for Fox..”

“I know Rupert Murdoch hates me because I walked away from him and my Fox contract (I may have been first and only)..but I never thought he was so greedy that he would fire a great reporter like @LauraIngle to save himself a few dollars..I am so glad I told Rupert “I am out of here” @johnnydollar01”

“Fox has gone off the deep end..they just fired @lauraingle .. a great reporter who I had Roger Ailes hire in 2006..and why did they fire her? So that Rupert and his sons can add more to their bank accounts and they already have more than they can ever spend.. #greed

Geraldo added his two cents:

“Woke up to hear my colleague and friend reporter Laura Ingle was out at Fox. If true, that is bad news. She is a terrific reporter, a wonderful person, great mom and dear friend. She will be missed.”

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This news has not been well circulated. We will have to stay tuned to see if more statements come or possibly more firings as Bill O’Reilly and other predicted recently.

By Hunter Fielding
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