Greece’s Population Plummets as Sudden Deaths Soar

The population of Greece has now plummeted to dangerously low levels after sudden and unexpected deaths began soaring out of control in 2021.

The European nation is grappling with skyrocketing deaths among the country’s vaccinated population while birth rates continue to fall.

In the last three years, Greece has suffered a major increase in miscarriages and stillbirths which have dramatically impacted the nation’s birth rates.

At the same time, heart failure, strokes, blood clots, and turbo cancers among otherwise healthy young people have caused the mortality rates to spike.

Experts are now warning that Greece could be heading for population collapse.

In 2022, Greece recorded the lowest number of births in 92 years, according to the most recent data.

Preliminary unofficial data also indicates another major drop in 2023.

Greece’s fertility rate is one of the lowest in Europe: some villages have not recorded a single birth in the past three years.

The government is planning in May to unveil new measures to boost birth rates, officials told Reuters.

The plan includes cash benefits for families, affordable housing for young people, financial incentives for assisted reproduction, and incorporating migrants into the workforce, according to officials drafting the initiatives including the family minister.

However, similar measures have fallen flat in other EU countries in recent decades, and demographers expect little difference in Greece.

Even those behind the plans have doubts.

“If I were to tell you that any given minister at any given ministry … can reverse the trend, it would be a lie,” Sofia Zacharaki, Greece’s minister for social cohesion and family affairs, told Reuters.

Still, she said, “We need to keep trying.”

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Greece’s economy has rebounded in recent years, but falling birth rates are, according to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a “national threat” and a “ticking time bomb” for pensions.

“This is one of the most serious problems we face not only in Greece but in the EU as a whole,” Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis told Reuters.

“It is our priority … whatever it takes.”

The above was extracted from the article ‘The losing battle against Greece’s tumbling birth rate’ published by Kathimerini English Edition which is also published in Greece and Cyprus along with the New York Times International.

Kathimerini’s article is a reproduction of a report made by Reuters.

Surprisingly, Kathimerin and Reuters make no mention of the “deadly” impact of Covid vaccines.

And as is usual for corporate media, the elephant in the room – the harmful and deadly effects of the covid injections – is completely ignored.

In the slideshow below are three charts taken from Our World in Data’s Population & Demography Data Explorer.

The first chart is the birth rate for Greece from 1950 to 2021; the second is the death rate over the same period and the third is the population growth rate for the ten years 2011 to 2021.

All images included in this article were retrieved from Our World in Data’s website on 10 April 2024.

The mass covid injection campaign in Greece began on 27 December 2020.  According to Our World in Data’s Covid-19 Data Explorer, as of 5 February 2022, 75% of roughly 10.5 million Greek residents had received at least one covid injection.

Below is Our World in Data’s chart for cumulative excess mortality from all causes in Greece from 5 January 2020 to 31 December 2023.

The first chart is for the number of people and the second is the percentage of excess mortality compared to a projection based on previous years.


Experts now fear that the damage to Greece’s population may be impossible to reverse.

The government may now need to consider drastic measures, such as mass immigration, to boost population numbers.

Japan, which is also suffering from the same issue, recently decided to begin importing foreign migrants to tackle the population collapse of Japanese citizens.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

I live in Greece, on an island. Unexplained sudden deaths have happened here among the small population of 8000, turbo cancer as well, I can name 5 personal contacts or friends who are now gone, from one or the other. Too many. I had to succumb to getting the vaccine in order to travel to see aging and dying family in the US in 2021, otherwise, I would not have gotten it. No proof it did any good at all, plenty of proof now coming out that it did damage; I had long covid to boot, last year, 4 months of bad symptoms, 6 of lesser symptoms and still, I don’t feel like I did before. Restrictions during covid were very strick in Greece, luckily, not as rigidly enforced here in the smaller islands.

1 month ago

Welcome to the New World Order population reduction. Our only hope is to turn back to God and away from the satanists in our government and all other institutions.

1 month ago

Everyone with more than two functioning brain cells now knows that this was a planned global mass genocide, and much larger than any previous genocide in history. Those responsible need to be held accountable by public Nuremberg 2 trials NOW.

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