Government Ordered Doctors to Kill Patients to Boost Covid Fears

Several doctors have come forward to blow the whistle with bombshell statements alleging they were ordered by the government to kill patients and list the cause of their deaths as “Covid” in order to boost fears about the virus among the general public.

The effort sought to create panic among populations in order to force compliance with lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and other tyrannical restrictions on public freedoms.

Doctors revealed that they have been living in fear since the pandemic over their own role in the conspiracy but can no longer remain silent on one of the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.

One of the whistleblowers is a veteran pharmacist with more than three decades of experience working for the United Kingdom’s taxpayer-funded National Health Service (NHS).

He says that doctors in Great Britain were told to roll out “just-in-case” killer drugs after learning that a novel disease for which there was no treatment had “escaped” from China.

That disease would later be called COVID-19.

Graham Atkinson, also a pharmaceutical industry consultant, decided to quit the profession in October 2021 after witnessing what his country’s government was doing by ordering doctors to basically kill patients with drugs like midazolam.

“I watched while this happened,” Atkinson recalls about the horrors he saw with his own eyes during that time.

Based on the presumption that there would be outbreaks of the then-novel disease in care homes just prior to the first lockdown in early March 2020, midazolam and other “just-in-case” drugs were being administered to end the lives of possibly infected patients on purpose.

“Lots of things changed nationally in early March,” Atkinson added.

“The death certification rules were changed.

“The cremation rules were changed, and the NICE guidelines.”


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Kill Every Patient Who Tests Positive for Covid

One of the key changes that Atkinson observed was the NICE NG163 guideline, which was changed to allow for those who tested “positive” for COVID to “die more comfortably” with “a good death.”

“The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (‘NICE’) is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the UK Department of Health and Social Care (‘DHSC’),” explains The Exposé about the group behind the changes.

“It is an agency of the National Health Service (‘NHS’) and develops guidance and recommendations on the effectiveness of treatments and medical procedures.

On Oct. 13, 2020, later in the year, NG163 was replaced with NG161, though an archived copy of the former is available on the Wayback Machine.

The “just-in-case” drugs that UK doctors were told to administer to their “COVID-infected” patients are designed to reduce breathing and render the patient unconscious – “and then there are drugs to reduce your anxiety before that,” Atkinson explained.

“There are five drugs that are used that are commonly called the ‘just-in-case’ drugs,” Atkinson further said.

“For years, these have been used for cancer patients or maybe somebody with COPD, a respiratory disease, that are … struggling to breathe, so they get very distressed just before they die.

“So, there are drugs to help them feel less anxious about not being able to breathe, drugs to reduce their pain, drugs to relax them, and midazolam, as we know, takes away your consciousness.”

When used in tandem, in other words, these five drugs basically euthanize the patient, killing them in a more peaceful way.

“It’s going to progress you rapidly towards your final days because [your final days are] expected,” Atkinson continued.

All of this, mind you, was based on the lie that there were no viable treatments for the novel disease, which the world would later learn is not the case.

Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other remedies did, in fact, help many patients who thought they had COVID recover without issue.

“We now know all this is false, but what was being told to clinicians at the time was this is a new novel disease,” Atkinson said.

“Because this was the time when people were being put on ventilators and were expiring rapidly around the world.

“You know we were all seeing it on our TV.”

The COVID “pandemic” will likely go down in history as the worst covert genocide to ever occur.

By Hunter Fielding
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4 months ago

How about some proofreading? The placement of these two paragraphs makes it look as if Ivermectin and HCQ were at fault.

“Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other remedies did, in fact, help many patients who thought they had COVID recover without issue.

“We now know all this is false, but what was being told to clinicians at the time was this is a new novel disease,” Atkinson said.”

4 months ago

Governments aka Blackrock/Vanguard didn’t order doctors to poison people, they bribed doctors with thousands of dollar for each person they poisoned and not only that they gave doctors indemnity from prosecution for poisoning people that trusteed them…After the covidscam and how repulsive and disgusting doctors behaved that were happy to kill you for money for a scam…if anyone ever trusts a doctor ever again then they have mush for brains…

4 months ago

How do I get this article without all the fucking ads?

Jesus Christ it’s relentless.

F@ck Trudeau anyhow.


4 months ago

Oh ya and fuck Bill Gates too

Anti dengue fever genetic altering in mosquitoes to KILL more people not save them.

See a pattern here?

I do.


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