Glenn Beck Reveals Rising GOP Star with Inside Track to Become Trump’s VP

BlazeMedia mogul Glenn Beck recently provided a tantalizing bit of insight into Donald Trump’s process of vice presidential selection.

While on air, Beck revealed that Donald Trump asked him about his preference for a vice presidential running mate. His full response warrants attention.

“Last week, Donald Trump called me and he said, any advice on who I should pick for Cice President? Who do you think?

“Not that, I mean, he’s probably calling everyone,” he added. “And so he said, who do you think? And I said, ‘I don’t know how you’re going to feel about it,’ but this is the day, I think it was the day he trashed Vivek (Ramaswamy).”

“And I said, ‘Vivek.’ And he said, ‘why do you say that?’ He said, ‘that’s the number one response from everybody I’ve asked that question.’ And he said, ‘why do you say that?’”

“And I said, ‘A, he can defend you. He’s right in your pocket. And while you’re defending this, he’s watching your back defending this.’ I said, ‘also, I think some of his ideas are really, really good. He connects with the youth, which now the latest of 18-to-24 year olds that voted for Biden, they’re not voting for Biden, but they won’t vote for Donald Trump yet. So you get that lower vote, the people that are excited about, hey, something fresh and different. And then in 2028 when you can no longer run, you continue for another eight years and you get the credit for bringing this new fresh face in.’ I said, ‘I just think you become legendary.’ And what did he say to that? ‘Well, we’ll see.’”

That’s a fascinating bit of political water cooler talk that may give us a sense of where Donald Trump’s head is at when it comes to selection of a vice presidential running mate.

By Melinda Davies
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1 month ago

He’s pushing ram a swammi because thats the Deepstate choice!

No Cow worshippers in our GOV. Ever!

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