German MP Blows Whistle on Globalists’ ‘Digital Cash’ Agenda

A top German politician has blown the whistle on the globalists’ secret agenda behind the push for “digital cash.”

German Member of Parliament Joana Cotar dropped the hammer during an explosive testimony before Germany’s Bundestag.

Nobody needs the digital euro except for the European Central Bank (ECB) and politicians who have something else in mind, she said.

And that something else is the total surveillance of citizens.

Much is promised with the digital Euro, Ms Cotar said in the Bundestag, “data protection, everything’s secure, no one intends to spy on anyone.

“This is as credible as the promises made during the euro introduction.”

Promises that were made at the introduction of the euro included no bailout, the 3% rule, and prohibition of monetary state financing.

“Now the ECB does nothing else and the Maastricht Treaty is waste paper,” she said.

“Today the ECB promises top data protection for the digital euro and tomorrow every transaction will be monitored,” Ms. Cotar said.

It will be used to control citizens’ behavior, just as it is being used in China.

Ms. Cotar’s original speech is in German which you can view on YouTube HERE.

In the video below, the English audio has been generated by artificial intelligence translation.

By Hunter Fielding
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
5 months ago

See also the “Mark of the beast” and it’s purpose, to which digital currency is the precursor, and covid jabs were testing the compliance waters!

Joe Dyck
Joe Dyck
5 months ago

Use CASH. Try not to do business with any organization that does not accept CASH!

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
5 months ago

The WEF has been pushing this for years has she just woken up from a coma? Anyone who doesn’t know about this scam by now doesn’t deserve to know.

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