Geraldo Disappointed That Mitt Romney Won’t Seek Reelection: ‘Damn Shame’

Media personality Geraldo Rivera has expressed his disappointment at the news that Mitt Romney will not seek reelection to the United States Senate.

Romney, a Republican from Utah, announced his decision on Wednesday, citing “family considerations” as the reason for his retirement.

In an X/tweet, Rivera called Romney’s decision a “damn shame.”

“Damn shame to lose this fine man, smart, dignified, normal.”



Rivera is not the only one who is disappointed by Romney’s decision. Many political observers believe that his retirement will leave a void in the Republican Party.

Romney is a moderate Republican who has often been at odds with the party’s more conservative wing. He is known for his willingness to work across the aisle, and he has been praised for his bipartisanship.

His retirement is likely to make it more difficult for Republicans to pass legislation, as they will now need to find a replacement who is willing to work with Democrats.

It is also a blow to the Republican Party’s chances of winning back control of the Senate in the 2024 elections. Romney was seen as a potential candidate for Senate majority leader, and his retirement makes it more difficult for Republicans to win the majority. Others may see it as a major win as Utah is a red state and new candidates vying for the seat may be better.

Romney’s decision to retire is a major loss for the Republican Party in the eyes of those like Meghan McCain and Geraldo. He is a respected figure in some people’s eyes and a bitter loser in others’. His retirement will be felt by Republicans and Democrats alike. Most Republicans will not miss him probably, however.

In addition to Rivera, other prominent Republicans have also expressed their disappointment at Romney’s decision. Meghan McCain tweeted her sadness.



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Romney’s retirement is a significant development in American politics. It will be interesting to see who the Republicans choose to replace him, and how his absence will affect the Senate. Earlier we reported:

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