Georgia’s AG Indicts 61 Leftists on Same RICO Charges Brought Against Trump

Georgia’s Attorney General Chris Carr is flipping Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ RICO case against Donald Trump on its head by filing charges against 61 leftist Antifa members.

The Antifa members are the same anti-police radicals who engaged in a destructive movement to “Stop Cop City.”

The sweeping indictment was handed up by a grand jury and announced on Tuesday and indicts 61 individuals associated with a group called “Defend the Atlanta Forest” on racketeering charges for opposing the construction of a police training center known as “Cop City.”

“Each individual charged in this indictment knowingly joined the conspiracy in an attempt to prevent the training center from being built,” the indictment states.

Activists fighting against the training center condemned the indictment as “anti-democratic.”

“Chris Carr may try to use his prosecutors and power to build his gubernatorial campaign and silence free speech, but his threats will not silence our commitment to standing up for our future, our community, and our city,” the Cop City Vote coalition said in a statement.

The radical group’s protests intensified following the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old protester in January, with activists questioning the official account of the incident.

Critics of the “Stop Cop City” movement, which has been active for over two years, argue that the $90 million training center will militarize the police and harm an urban forest.

The indictment also labels the defendants as “militant anarchists,” “eco-activists,” and “anti-police.”

The Georgia indictment accuses them of illegal occupation, vandalism, terrorism, and violence.

Many of the defendants are not from Georgia, and some face additional charges like domestic terrorism, arson, and money laundering.

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The indictment was filed in Fulton County, and it involves the same grand jury that indicted President Donald Trump and his associates on RICO charges.

By Melinda Davies
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