Georgia Judge ‘Pumps Brakes’ on Fani Willis Deposition in Alleged Lover’s Divorce Case

On Monday, a Georgia court postponed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ (D) planned deposition in divorce proceedings involving a major prosecutor in the 2020 election meddling case against former President Trump.

Special prosecutor Nathan Wade’s divorce made headlines because one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, accused Wade and Willis of having an inappropriate sexual involvement, rendering the district attorney’s office’s broad racketeering indictment “fatally defective.”

Andrea Hastings, a lawyer representing Wade’s separated wife, contended Monday that Willis had “unique knowledge” about Wade’s marriage, and that her position as district attorney should not prevent her from disclosing that information to help divide the Wades’ marital assets.

Willis was subpoenaed earlier this month in Wade and Joycelyn’s ongoing divorce lawsuit, which started in 2021.

“She’s trying to hide under the shield of her position,” Hastings said about Willis.

Willis’ lawyer, Cinque Axam, said Monday that whatever information Willis acquires might potentially be shared by Wade.

“You’ve got two partners in the case, one who is alleged to have some extramarital affair with Ms. Willis,” Axam argued. “If that is the case — if that is true, [Wade] has that information.”

“There are other means by which that information can be achieved in this case,” he said.

Axam also said that Willis does not share any bank accounts with Wade, nor does she control how he spends his money – “no matter where it comes from,” he claimed.

In court documents last week, Wade’s wife accused him of booking many trips for himself and Willis in the months leading up to the state’s 2020 election results.

The records contain bank transactions indicating trips to San Francisco and Miami as the Fulton County district attorney’s office investigated Trump and his associates.

Judge Henry Thompson refused to discharge Willis from future depositions, although he did temporarily suspend the obligation until Wade was deposed.

“Only after I hear what Mr. Wade has to say do I think I can make a determination of whether the proposed opponent has any unique knowledge about these issues,” Thompson said.

Thompson also agreed to unseal records relating to Wade’s divorce after discovering that the initial order sealing the case was improperly issued.

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Legal analyst Techno Fog provided more on the court proceedings:

“Cobb County GA judge takes under advisement whether to order the Fani Willis deposition in the Nathan Wade divorce case,” he said.

“Judge says he will decide the issue after the testimony of Nathan Wade – who will be asked about the affair and his finances,” he added.

“The question is whether Fani Willis would offer any new information on the affair and Wade’s finances, the marriage, etc.,” he went on. “Wade may testify – under oath – in 9 days. Judge: ‘Only after I hear what Mr. Wade has to say can I make a determination’ on the Willis deposition.”

“Fani Willis can’t feel good about this hearing,” Techno Fog remarked. “Her protective order wasn’t granted, and Wade’s testimony – especially if he has a ‘faulty memory’ (likely) – might require her deposition.”

By Melinda Davies
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