Former Vice President Mike Pence Claims ‘We Need to Give Ukraine the Resources More Quickly Than Joe Biden Has’ During a Surprise Visit to Ukraine

Former Vice President Mike Pence made an unplanned visit to Ukraine on Thursday, strategically timed shortly after revealing his 2024 White House candidacy, seemingly aiming to garner favor with the GOP voter base.

Pence’s visit to Ukraine was intended to ‘set himself apart’ from other GOP contenders for the presidency, particularly Trump.

“The war in Ukraine is not a territorial dispute. It’s a Russian invasion,” Pence told ABC News “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl in March.

“It’s just the latest instance of Russia attempting to redraw international lines by force, and the United States of America must continue at a quickened pace to provide the Ukrainian military the support that they need to repel the Russian invasion — and the stakes are that high,” he added.

Now during this sudden visit, Mike Pence cheered Joe Biden’s decision to send Ukraine billions of dollars in taxpayer money.

During this unexpected visit, Mike Pence expressed support for Joe Biden’s decision to send billions of dollars in taxpayer money to Ukraine.

“By giving the Ukrainian military the resources that we have … the West has really shown its strength,” Pence said.

Pence then criticized both, Trump and Joe Biden.

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He claimed that Joe Biden isn’t giving Ukraine enough. Pence wants to give Ukraine more US taxpayer money.

“My former running mate, seeing war raging in Eastern Europe, is signaling an ambiguous message, not even able to say who he would prefer to see win the war in Ukraine,” Pence said.

“The United States needs to stand by the courageous fighters in Ukraine, give them the resources more quickly than Joe Biden has, to take the fight to the Russians and repel this invasion,” he added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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