Former J6 Counsel: Hunter Biden Not Getting ‘Fair Shake’ Because His Dad’s the President

Former January 6 investigative counsel Temidayo Aganga-Williams wants America to know that he thinks Hunter Biden is getting a bad rap.

Aganga-Williams, who was senior investigative counsel on the Jan. 6th Select Committee, appeared on MSNBC and made his case that Hunter Biden is being unfairly targeted because of his role in the Biden influence-peddling schemes that have become the focus of the House of Representatives’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

No, seriously. Here he is on the far-left network making his case.

“Temidayo, your take on these allegations, these new charges?” Ana Cabrera asked.

“So, these are serious charges and I don’t want to diminish that, but I think these charges should be placed in the broader context of the investigation,” he said.

“We are now five years into the Hunter Biden/DoJ dance that’s been happening, and I think it’s telling that when DoJ sought to resolve these charges, they were seeking probation, right?” he added. “They were seeking probation on misdemeanor tax charges and the gun-related charges for failing to disclose that he was an addict was going to be dealt with through a diversion program.”

“That’s what DoJ thought was an equitable and just result,” he continued. “Now that that deal fell through, DoJ sought to escalate in a dramatic way. This is after five years and even five months, I think, since the deal fell apart.”

“So I think there are real questions about the delay with which DoJ has acted here,” he went on. “I think that point from Hunter Biden’s lawyer as to whether this would be happening if his last name wasn’t Biden is a real question. And I will say, as a former DoJ prosecutor, more and more it looks like that to me. It looks like someone who’s not getting a fair shake and is being treated more harshly because of their proximity to the president.”

This is an absolutely surreal argument in a case where the president’s son has evaded charges for not registering as a foreign agent, as well as plausible charges of human trafficking across state lines, soliciting prostitution, and illicit drug use.

If anything, Hunter Biden has gotten favorable treatment due to him being the president’s son, as well as political protection to shield his presidential father from scrutiny.

This is an investigative counsel who was leading cases against Trump supporters caught up in the January 6 riots, as well as making dubious claims that the former president has criminal and civil culpability for exercising his constitutional right to challenge elections.

Everything a Department of Justice official speaks nowadays, it further condemns the entire department as an institution that is not interested in actual justice, but is instead no more than a weaponized instrument of partiality and political bias.

In other words, the case that can be made the Department of Justice now stands for the exact opposite of true justice.

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By Melinda Davies
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2 months ago

Of a Bankrupt CopoRATion known as USA inc.!

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