‘First Human Bird Flu Death’ Exposed as Hoax: Patient Died from Kidney Failure

Reports that a man in Mexico was the first human to die from bird flu have been exposed as a hoax.

Mexican officials have now refuted the claims and confirmed that the patient died from kidney failure, not bird flu.

During a briefing, Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer denied the WHO’s claim that the 59-year-old chronically ill man with little contact with poultry died from a new highly transmissible strain of bird flu.

According to Alcocer, the Mexican man died from a combination of underlying conditions and severe illnesses culminating in “mainly kidney and respiratory failure”.

He further urged the Mexican population to remain calm, calling the WHO’s announcement “not accurate”.

“I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad since it speaks of a fatal case [of bird flu], which was not the case,” Health Secretary Alcocer said.

He added that, despite the insinuation by the WHO, “So far, there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

Additionally, Alcocer says that there is no evidence that anyone in contact with the man has contracted bird flu.

He further stated, “There is no reason to avoid eating chicken and its products or to be worried about it.”

MSM has a field day over false bird flu death

Despite Mexican health officials publicly stating that the man’s death wasn’t related to bird flu, mainstream outlets are having a field day publishing articles claiming that this is the “First-ever human death of bird flu strain H5N2.”

The corporate media has been warning the public that extra vigilance and precautions may be warranted ahead of the 2024 elections.

Indeed, CBC, Global News, BBC, Reuters, NBC News, Washington Post, etc., have all penned articles warning about the latest incident of bird flu in a new campaign of scaremongering eerily similar to early COVID-era propaganda.

However, so far, there is no evidence that people need to be remotely worried about bird flu.

There isn’t a shred of evidence that the virus has the potential to reach pandemic levels or that it should ever be considered grounds for disrupting everyday life.

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However, with the Democrats struggling ahead of the November elections, don’t rule anything out just yet.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

The WHO? Hoax? I am shocked!
Like I might believe anything from the radical Communist United Nations. The Deja Vu is remarkable! Let’s see…super scary disease…election year…hmmmm.
It’s comical. ANOTHER medical hoax is being brewed, especially since their first go was easily uncovered.
Actually, there’s nothing funny about Genocide! Nothing is comical about “thinning the herd!” After all, COVID was much more than a hoax! It was a bio-weapon attack, PUSHED by those masquerading as US government officials! The enemy infiltrators. It was a calculated, planned mass murder!
I just can’t imagine a scenario that might allow me to once again trust these institutions. I will forever see Pharma, science and government as enemies! I will never believe in the fantasy…that our institutions are on MY SIDE again.
I refused the first “attack” because the COVID STEW was prepared in such haste…or so we were told. In reality, the “cure,” the bio-weapon was patented and created years before the global Plandemic was released!
My faith in institutions has been destroyed. You will fare well if you suspect…and expect the ill-gotten authority to be used against you!

1 month ago

Time to lock down schools and churches! Eliminate poultry, beef and pork from our diet and start eating crickets 🦗. Roll out another mandatory, completely ineffective vaccine (with deadly, concealed side effects). And most important, vote by mail!

Robert P
Robert P
1 month ago


1 month ago

Gettin tired of these liyin fucks

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
1 month ago

Just like the monkey pox that this clown wanted a ‘pandemic status’ and lockdowns.

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