Far-Left Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman Issues a Vile Threat: ‘Donald Trump Has to Be Eliminated’

Yesterday, did the former chief legal counsel in President Trump’s initial impeachment trial call for his assassination?

Jen Psaki, former press secretary for Barack Obama, had Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) as a guest on her MSNBC show, ‘Inside with Jen Psaki,’ on Sunday. They were discussing the recently released tapes from January 6 when he made some concerning remarks that are now going viral on social media.

In their interview, Psaki aired a recording of a discussion between Trump and ABC’s Jonathan Karl regarding the January 6 protests. The former president wishes he could have gone to the Capitol to “stop the problem” and claimed he would have been “very well-received” had he been allowed to do so.

She then asked Goldman whether he felt “as a prosecutor, this is something that could be useful in the case against Trump.”

Goldman gave a positive answer and went on to blame Trump for “riling up” and “inciting” his supporters.

He also states that “every time he (Trump) talks, he’s putting himself into a bigger criminal hole” and “his objective is purely political.”

The New York leftist then calls for extreme measures to prevent Trump from being elected, stating, “he has to be eliminated.”

“His rhetoric is really getting dangerous, more and more dangerous… and we saw what happened on January 6th when he used inflammatory rhetoric. That man cannot see public office again,” he said.

“He is not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy. He has to be eliminated,” he added.


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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Can you even imagine if a Republican said those same words about obiden, or any other demokkkrat? WOW! The blowback would be UNBELIEVABLE! The ENTIRE WORLD would Never hear the end of all the crying from demokkkrats, and the CORRUPT msm!!! Talk about HATE SPEECH ?

6 months ago

I do believe this guy & most of congress, will be the REAL recipiants of this threat!!!

It’s called TREASON.

Nasty McNasty
Nasty McNasty
5 months ago

Where’s LE in this veiled threat?

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