Fani Willis’ Radical Father Defends Keeping Huge Wads of Cash in House as a ‘Black Thing’

The father of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testified on Friday that hoarding cash is a cultural norm for black people.

During a Thursday hearing, Willis testified on whether she should be disqualified from her election interference case against former President Donald Trump due to alleged financial favors from special prosecutor Nathan Wade, whom she appointed.

The district attorney said she reimbursed Wade for vacation expenditures using cash she had at home. Her father also backed this account.

“When you meet my father, he’s going to tell you as a woman, you should always have … at least 6 months in cash at your house, at all time,” Willis said Thursday.

“I’m not trying to be racist, okay? But it’s a black thing,” Willis’ father John Floyd responded to an inquiry about his daughter keeping cash on Friday.

“I was trained and most black folks, they hide cash or they keep cash,” he added. “You always keep some cash.”

He then recalled an incident of alleged racism in Massachusetts in which someone refused to take his payment unless he showed cash.

“I’ve always kept cash. And I’ve told my daughter, ‘you keep six months worth of cash always,’” he added.

Willis and Wade said she repaid her partner for their holidays and activities with cash. Wade claims he only has one receipt proving Willis compensated him for travel expenses since she usually paid him in cash.

Wade used a credit card to pay for cruises and flights during his travels with Willis, according to bank data.

John Floyd, who was a radical Black Panther, may have his testimony discredited because he was prepped for testimony with Fani in the room, according to George Behizy, who has been closely following the case.

The New York Post provided background on Fani Willis’ father in a profile piece in September 2023.

“The father of the Georgia district attorney prosecuting Donald Trump was a prominent Black Panther who called police the ‘enemy,’ new recordings have revealed,” the Post said.

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“Floyd is extremely close to his daughter Willis, who has brought a sprawling anti-racketeering case against the former president and 18 others — including his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — alleging that they plotted to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia,” the Post also noted.

By Melinda Davies
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