Exploring the Impact of Damaged Hearts and Unanswered COVID Questions

A study from Saudi Arabia suggests that as many as 27% of individuals who received the COVID vaccine reported being hospitalized for heart trouble.

The study, which relied on self-reporting, found that over half of those hospitalized were admitted within a month of vaccination.

Furthermore, 58% of those hospitalized were admitted to critical care units, and more than 60% underwent at least 12 months of treatment.

While the study had limitations, such as a high number of participants with comorbidities, it adds to the growing body of evidence linking the COVID vaccine to cardiac damage.

Additionally, a confidential Pfizer document revealed extensive damage to multiple organ systems and over 10,000 categories of diagnosis, including nearly 127,000 cardiac disorders.

Recent research also indicates that post-vaccine myocarditis can result in persistent heart scarring.

The study highlights the concerning impact of the COVID vaccine on heart health and raises questions about the safety of these shots.

However, despite fines for misleading information about vaccine safety, Pfizer’s shots remain on the market.

The lack of action taken against Pfizer suggests that the company’s influence may be difficult to challenge, even in the face of mounting evidence of harm caused by their vaccines.

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By Kate Stephenson
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