‘Experts’ Warn: New Covid Variant Will Trigger Global ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’

A group of so-called “experts” has warned the public that a new strain of Covid is about to emerge that will trigger a global “heart failure pandemic.”

However, skeptics on social media suspect this claim is just a cover-up of the wave of cardiovascular injuries brought about by the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Japan’s top research institute Riken has now issued a warning in the new report, which states that the ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus clings to within human cells, are ‘very common’ in the heart,” GB News reported.

“Even though conclusive clinical evidence that persistent SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with declined cardiac function has not been reported so far, the proof-of-concept study of the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 persistent infection of the heart and the potential risk of opportunistic progression of heart failure should be validated by a three-dimensional human cardiac tissue model which would serve as the alarm bell for a global healthcare risk,” states the Riken report.

An outbreak of the JN.1 COVID strain, a mild subvariant of Omicron, has prompted healthcare facilities in Democrat-controlled areas to reimpose mask mandates.

But many are skeptical of the report’s claim, asserting it’s simply a coverup of the myocarditis and other cardiovascular issues caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Step 1: Terrify the world Step 2: Use that fear to force the world to inject a drug that permanently cripples their heart. Step 3: Introduce a new fear that explains why everyone’s hearts are shutting down. For improved results, repeat step 2 over and over,” one user said.

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Numerous studies have found the COVID jab damages the heart, even among those with no cardiovascular symptoms.

In fact, one peer-reviewed study by the Department of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Research Institute in Basel found that the incidence of cardiac-related injuries following the COVID jab was 3,000 times higher than the CDC’s figures.

But of course, the media is working overtime to blame the sudden rise in myocarditis and other cardiovascular events in young people on anything but the experimental vaccine — including climate change.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Yeah thats fine, I didn’t take your Clot Shot!!!

Loves Dogs
Loves Dogs
1 month ago

So the NEW variant is causing this… how come it started over a year ago before the NEW variant was out? Come on Fake News, it is true nobody is listening to what you have to say but you need to at least look like you are trying. Right now you just look like fools working for the desperate DS… oh wait a minute, you are fools working for the desperate DS. Try publishing something people want to know, like when will Fauci face charges (it WILL happen) and will he be executed afterwards? Will they try him for treason or mass murder… these are the things people are REALLY interested in, not another fake virus from the fake news.

1 month ago

Made in a Lab & put in a Jab ,every so called virus

1 month ago

Nooo! It’s the Vaxx!

BREAKING: DOD Blocks US Navy Medical Officer’s Computer Access After He Exposed Data Of Heart Issues Among Pilots During Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination.
Lieutenant Ted Macie, an active-duty officer in the Navy Medical Service Corps and whistleblower, has been denied access to his work computer by the DOD after exposé on the significant increase in heart-related issues among military pilots post-COVID-19 vaccination.
The data presented by Lt. Macie reveals a dramatic spike in various heart-related ailments among fixed-wing and helicopter pilots.

1 month ago

Noo! It’s the Vaxx!

Peter McCullough and European Parliament 14 SEPT 23
youtube. com/watch?v=F3StJGMs0Q4
Dr. Peter McCullough Calls For Complete Stop To All COVID Injections – Not Safe For Human Use (9/13/23): @P_McCulloughMD
testifies in the European Parliament to end all COVID vaccinations.
“I submit to you the COVID-19 vaccines and all of their progeny & future boosters are not safe for human use.”

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