Experts Raise Alarm as Teen Heart Attacks Skyrocket

Experts are raising the alarm about vaccine-induced myocarditis as reports of heart attacks among teenagers continue to skyrocket to unprecedented levels.

A bombshell new study shows that teenage boys are suffering heart inflammation following Pfizer’s Covid jabs.

They seem to recover shortly after the shots but then have relapses months later, Italian researchers have reported.

Alex Berenson has more:

Teenagers showed evidence of new heart damage from the recurrences, including high levels of proteins from injured cardiac muscle.

Scans showed one boy had new lesions in his heart wall, and he needed nearly two weeks of hospitalisation.

The researchers could not determine why the boys suffered the relapses, which came eight to 12 months after the initial myocarditis episodes.

They called for tighter monitoring of anyone diagnosed with mRNA-caused myocarditis – and more research to determine if young people who suffered it might face severe future complications.

Published in late May in the journal Vaccine: X, the paper appears to be the first case report showing mRNA jabs can cause recurring myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart.

But public health authorities and the media, which since 2021 have played down cardiac side effects from mRNA shots, have ignored it.

Elsewhere, a study by a team from Yale Medical School published in Science has found evidence that vaccine-induced heart inflammation arises from a general immune system reaction to the mRNA vaccine rather than something specific to the spike protein produced by the Covid vaccines.

This may mean that people who suffer an inflammatory response in the heart have naturally more reactive immune systems, at least in terms of vulnerability to heart inflammation.

MIT health data expert Professor Retsef Levi wrote on Twitter that the study shows that vaccine-induced myocarditis is likely driven by the mRNA platform itself and not the spike protein specific to the Covid vaccines.

The study also adds to the evidence of “sustained heart scarring and abnormalities”, underlining that “vaccine-induced myocarditis is not mild”, he said.

Meanwhile, in the UK, top MP Andrew Bridgen has written to the Prime Minister to alert him to the new Swiss study showing heart damage at a rate of up to one in 35 following mRNA vaccination.

He is calling on the PM to recall Parliament to review the latest scientific data and halt the booster program.

By Hunter Fielding
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Deborah Phillips
Deborah Phillips
10 months ago

Too late for the kids who are already damaged, and especially too late for the ones who died!

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