Examining the Significant Deceptions and Disregard for Law in Government-Imposed COVID Lockdowns (VIDEO)

In a recent replay of Topher Field’s documentary “Battleground Melbourne,” TNT Radio sheds light on the threat posed by global corporate interests and government authorities during the Covid lockdowns.

The focus of the documentary is on the Melbourne protests against the stringent health directives enforced by the socialist left Labor government under Dan Andrews.

It exposes the collaboration between Andrews, Brett Sutton, a slimy overpaid bureaucrat, and federal health bureaucrats, who were allegedly following orders from big pharma and the WHO. The tactics employed by the Covid regime included suppressing protests through militarized Victoria Police and imposing draconian bail conditions on organizers.

The documentary also highlights the devastating consequences of the lockdowns, such as increased suicides, depression, joblessness, and family breakdowns. It calls attention to the criminality of the government’s actions during the pandemic, urging people not to forget the legacy of government overreach.


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By Kate Stephenson
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