Evidence of WEF’s ‘Satanic Rituals’ Emerges from Davos

Evidence has emerged from Davos, Switzerland that suggests the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual summit involves Satanic rituals.

Insider photographs from the elite conference show disturbing “works of art” that celebrate Satan.

Experts have noted that the Satanic art is designed to make globalists feel “at home” while attending the summit and to keep their minds focused on the true goals of the WEF’s agenda.

An undercover journalist leaked the images from inside Davos and warned that Satanic elites are performing “rituals” behind the scenes.

An image of one particularly disturbing “artwork” prominently displayed at the WEF summit in Davos has gone viral.

The mural dubbed the Walthamstow Tapestry was made in 2009 by Grayson Perry, a cross-dressing contemporary artist.

Depicted in the style of cave paintings and hieroglyphs, it chronicles the life journey of a man from birth until death – replete with personified corporations he encountered along the way.

The tapestry begins with the birth of a baby along a river of blood that eventually flows into the waiting mouth of the Devil, ending in the death of an old man.

“I’ve always been interested in the pilgrimage, in the journey and the idea of the journey through life,” Perry said in 2012 while at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London, when asked about the tapestry.

“And then I thought about: Is this the kind of shopping trip of life?

“The kind of glossy, sort of meaningless trek from one department store to another that is modern Western consumerism.”

According to a write-up about the tapestry, its design “brings to mind its most famous medieval precursor – the Bayeux Tapestry.”

The work is also replete with mentions of brand names including Coca-Cola, the Sotheby’s auction house, Red Bull energy drink, Aldi supermarket, and the BBC.


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The tapestry’s existence was divulged by journalist Larry Alex Taunton, who went undercover at the WEF summit in Davos.

According to him, the said artwork was featured at the summit’s dining hall.

“These bleak and death-themed works of art are just the kind these elites love to surround themselves with,” InfoWars commented.

Following Taunton’s expose, the tapestry gained a lot of attention on social media. Several users put in their two cents on the satanic art piece.

“Why would they put [that] up as a decoration?” asked user @ErikaLLJ on X.

“You’d think it would make some attendees get a clue. So oddly blatant.”

User @NotTinaKotex remarked:

“How much did all these [corporations] pay for that product placement?”

Their comments came as a response to a post by user @JebraFaushay, who challenged “all culture and art critics” to analyze the tapestry.

Two users took up the challenge. @mS52680571 stated that the tapestry centered on three things – corporations, abortion, and population control.

Meanwhile, @orwellshandmaid commented:

“The message is clear. In fact, explicitly clear – it’s satanic.”

User @IngaBingaBoo had a more humorous take on the piece, writing:

“It looks like Satan went on a bad acid trip and broke out the paint.”

But @grilli_deborah pointed out that the tapestry reminded her of the murals at Denver International Airport (DIA).

The murals at the DIA appear to envision various globalist goals, foremost of them is the depopulation of humanity under the guise of “protecting nature.”

“The murals … tell a terrifying story of future events about to happen, as if it was some sort of prophecy,” the Vigilant Citizen noted.

“There are specific social and political references and other occult details that basically turn those paintings into a New World Order Manifesto.”

By Hunter Fielding
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26 days ago

WEF demonic Adrenochrome junkies

25 days ago

If I had to judge these ‘elites,’ I’d say they’re a bunch of spoiled rotten, good-for-nothing imbeciles who have nothing else to do but keep themselves mildly entertained. They’ve NEVER experienced life, death, or trauma; they’re bored and boring and seek titillation anywhere they can find it – which at this point in their lives, is typically the gutter. They’ve secretly always wanted to be ‘bad’ boys but were too rich, lazy and lethargic to rise to the task. In a nutshell – toxic waste.

25 days ago
Reply to  PithyKat

All likely true, however it’s an underestimation of their potential and danger and harm

25 days ago

Nuke Davos!

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson
24 days ago
Reply to  CharlieSeattle

They don’t deserve such swift, painless, uncontemplated deaths.

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