Elon Musk Takes Potshot at Alejandro Mayorkas as Impeachment Ramps Up: ‘Aiding & Abetting Illegal Immigration is a Felony’

Elon Musk, the tech titan whose electric cars zoom past borders (legally) but whose heart beats for American sovereignty, has unleashed a Twitter torpedo at Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. In a tweet that crackled with righteous fury, Musk declared: “Aiding & Abetting Illegal Immigration is a Felony. Impeach Mayorkas.”

This isn’t just a rogue tweet from a billionaire bored on his golden rocket. It’s a proverbial battle cry for millions of Americans who watch, jaws clenched, as our southern border transforms into a sieve. For nearly a year, the House GOP has been conducting a deep-dive investigation into Mayorkas, their blood pressure rising with each unaddressed caravan and every fentanyl-laced backpack smuggled across the Rio Grande. Now, that simmering anger is about to boil over.

House Homeland GOP posted to X: “The @HomelandGOP’s nearly year-long investigation unearthed a truth as clear as Texas sunlight – Mayorkas has gleefully shredded the laws of Congress and spat on his oath of office. This Committee will begin impeachment proceedings this Wednesday at 10am to hold Mayorkas accountable.”

Accountable? That’s a word long absent from the lexicon of Americans frustrated by the Biden Administration’s border policies. We’ve witnessed record numbers of illegal crossings, cartel violence spilling onto Main Street, and enough fentanyl flooding our communities to numb a nation. Through it all, Mayorkas has conducted an orchestra of open borders, his baton conducting chaos while the cries of American citizens feeling under pressure go unheard.

While some might dismiss Musk’s tweet as the rantings of a publicity-hungry billionaire, they miss the point. He’s the amplified voice of millions who see the border crisis not as a political talking point, but as a daily gut punch. It’s the reality of Texas ranchers whose livelihoods are under potential cartel siege, the reality of Arizona mothers who fear for their children’s safety, the reality of all Americans who believe in a nation governed by laws, not whims.

Elon Musk may build rockets, but he’s also crafting a powerful message: America’s borders are not some playground for political agendas. They’re the fortress walls protecting our nation’s heart. And when those walls crumble, when laws are trampled and oaths mocked, we have a sacred duty to respond.

Impeachment may be messy, but it’s a necessary disinfectant. It’s a message to Mayorkas, and to the entire Biden Administration, that America’s patience is wearing thinner than a used Tesla battery. We demand a Secretary who enforces the law, not ignores it. We demand a border that stands firm, not welcomes with open arms. And we demand leaders who prioritize the safety and security of their own people, not the whims of globalist elites.

Elon Musk has fired the first proverbial shot. This Wednesday, the House GOP takes “aim” politically speaking. It’s time to hold Mayorkas accountable. It’s time to secure our borders. It’s time to put America first.

Disclaimer: although this article is strongly worded, Media Right News only supports political pushback through legal and peaceful means by using the proper channels and lobbying for the laws we want, and wishes all Americans did the same.

By Liam Donovan
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1 month ago


I think it’s TREASON!

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