Elon Musk Open to Possibly Banning the ADL from X/Twitter

Jonathan Greenblatt and the Anti Defamation League have relentlessly pushed for suppression of free speech, particularly from right wing voices and even occasionally some self described centrists.

The organization claims to be against misinformation, racism and hate speech. However, many have noticed that they seem to not believe it’s possible for there to be racism against White people.

The ADL has also pushed anti-Christian tropes, implying that saying hail Christ is antisemitic somehow, with many people shockingly noticing.

This makes the group appear disingenuous to many, and not really against all racism but only what it articulates is racism in their left wing slanted biased views.

Greenblatt once posted a veiled threat to Twitter about potentially using his influence to somehow make Elon Musk’s website, now called X, to “go away”.

Recently, Greenblatt implied a renewed push for censorship on Twitter/X by speaking with Musks newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino.

Many have expressed fear that censorship on X could return. A couple days ago #BantheADL went viral. The organization rebuked the viral movement in a statement, which was simultaneously an acknowledgment that many are fed up with their antics however.

Elon Musk himself has said that the ADL has tried to hurt X. A Twitter user implied that Musk should run one of his famous polls in regards to potentially banning the ADL from X/Twitter since they use their bully pulpit to trash and threaten the very website they’ve been welcomed on previously.

Time will tell what manifests of this rapidly developing situation.

By Liam Donovan
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10 months ago

The ADL, AOC, CIA, FBI, BLM, BLM, FDA, et al – they can all go to hell and take their bullshyt with them. They’re boring me to death with their ignorance – I’ve always preferred logic to fantasy, realism to smoke & mirrors, and I am not alone fer sure… bring back truth, wisdom, honesty, respect, knowledge, and trust please – they are sorely missed..

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
10 months ago
Reply to  PithyKat

Do you know anything about the ADL? I only ask because of the other organisations you have lumped them in with.

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