Elon Musk Challenges Alex Soros, Heir to George’s Billionaire Activism Machine, to a Twitter Space Debate

Elon Musk responded to the news that George Soros is handing over his empire to his son Alex Soros. Musk tweeted in response to the news shared by the Wall Street Journal:

“If @AlexanderSoros is serious about freedom of speech, then we have common ground. But destroying public safety by electing DAs who won’t prosecute violent criminals needs to stop.”

“Journalist” and leftist Brian Krassenstein replied, “I agree that public safety is incredibly important. From what I have read from Soros himself, his initiatives are not to make society less safe but to forgo the prosecution of some addicts and those suffering from mental health ailments and instead get them the help they need to recover or get treated appropriately. Oh course one can argue that the DA’s he supported have failed but I wouldn’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that his actions are evil.”

Musk then proposed the three of them discuss it in a Twitter Space.

“Maybe we should do a Spaces with you, me & Alex to air this out”

Twitter Spaces have brought forth access for many to hear more debate. Musk has pushed for the free exchange of ideas, This was one of his motivating factors for purchasing Twitter. We will see if Soros will accept the offer and join Musk in a debate.

Soros has stated he is more political than his father. A report came out at the end of May that shared he has visited the Biden White House 17 times since Biden took over. He was appointed chair of the Open Society Foundations network in December 2022.

The young Soros proudly shares pictures of himself with politicians he meets with from across the globe on his social media. A Twitter Space debate between Musk and Soros could be very interesting.

By Hunter Fielding
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