Elon Musk Appears Interested in Offer from Former UFC Fighter to Train him for his Planned Cage Match Against Mark Zuckerberg

It’s clear to most people who don’t live under a rock that META founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter/Tesla owner Elon Musk have had a little feud going on for some time now.

Maybe slightly less people but still a lot are probably also aware by now that Musk and Zuckerberg are toying with the idea of a cage match style fight.

Musk is naturally larger than Zuckerberg, however, Zuckerberg is younger and has been training in martial arts somewhat lately. This could make for an interesting battle.

It’s unclear yet to us if tickets for charity may be offered and or when or where this would go down. Many are interested in this happening now however, so it’d be tough for either party to back out. Musk recently replied to a somewhat comedic tweet comparing the two, agreeing:

META is planning to launch a Twitter competitor, and many feel the difference might be more censorship, despite Zuckerberg hinting that he’s been trying to pivot away from heavy handed censorship tactics in recent times.

Jake Shields, a former UFC fighter offered to train Musk, and Musk “liked” the tweet, showing potential interest:

“Hey @elonmusk if you are really gonna fight Zuck you need to get training ASAP

I’m willing to help you train and also show you how to build a team of top coaches and how to structure training

We need this win because you are the people’s champ and represent free speech while Zuck represents censorship and globalization”

Musk has gone after Zuckerberg in a slightly less brutal but similar fashion as he has gone after Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

We will be staying tuned to this developing story as it progresses.

By Liam Donovan
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