E. Jean Carroll Appears on CBS Morning Show After Civil Trial Verdict and Vows to Do ‘Anything She Can’ to Stop Trump From Becoming President Again

In an appearance today on “CBS Mornings” after the recent civil trial verdict, E. Jean Carroll vowed to do “anything she can” to stop Donald Trump from becoming president again.

Chief White House Correspondent at Today News Africa Simon Ateba shared a clip from Carroll’s appearance on the program on X.

Carroll responded to a question and claimed, “Well Hans Christian Anderson’s great fairytale ‘The Emporer Has No Clothes,’ that was written about Donald Trump.”

“It’s just we’re the ones who clothe him with all this power. He has none himself, it’s his followers,” Carroll insisted.

Carroll then described a scene from the courtroom and was told that Trump is running neck and neck with Joe Biden currently in presidential polls.

Co-host Tony Dokoupil then asked, “Have you heard from Joe Biden’s campaign arm about potentially campaigning against the former President Donald Trump?”

“No,” Carroll responded before Dokoupil pressed, “Are you interested in doing so?”

Carroll replied, “I’ll do anything I can.”

Ateba remarked about the clip, “It’s all clearer now, and those who have argued that it was all politically motivated from the beginning may not be wrong.”

Trump was ordered on Friday by a federal jury in New York to pay Carroll an $83.3 million settlement, which he can reportedly delay until all appeals options have been exhausted.

By Liam Donovan
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2 months ago

All thinking people see this setup taking place.
You or I or Pres. Trump would not touch let alone go near that thing.
My guess she has never experienced the real America – the one between the atlantic and pacific, whole different place than commy NY

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