Dr. Phil Stuns Listeners with Fierce Criticism of Gender Transition Industry

Dr. Phil McGraw, best known for being a consulting doctor for Oprah Winfrey and a powerhouse media personality in his own right for his eponymous show, is stunning a lot of listeners with incisive and commonsense criticism of the “gender transition industry.”

While on top podcaster Joe Rogan’s show, Dr. Phil leveled a number of substantive criticisms of the medical community’s rush to rubber-stamp lifelong and often irreversible hormonal therapies and sexual reassignment surgeries for pubescent teens experiencing “gender dysphoria,” which increasingly appears to be a culturally driven phenomenon.

“It’s interesting,” Dr. Phil said. “They choose words like ‘gender-affirming care.’ That’s interesting that they call it that. But really what they’re talking about is hormonal therapy or sex reassignment surgery on children. And in fairness, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Endocrine Society, or whatever the exact name of that is, all of the major medical associations have signed off on this, Joe.”

“They’ve signed off on it,” he continued. “And I have never seen those organizations sign off on anything with less information as to whether or not it does long-term harm of anything in my life. And when I ask about that, when I bring that up, then they immediately label you as transphobic. And I thought that the deal was first do no harm.”

“And all of the European countries, Sweden, Norway, they’ve all stopped doing it because they say we cannot say in good conscious that this does no harm because it does harm,” he added.

“If you look at the long-term consequences, if someone changes their mind at 10, 11, 12, 13 years old, they can’t decide which pajamas they want to wear at night,” Dr. Phil remarked. “And their reason for doing it is it stops this drive for suicide, that there’s a suicide epidemic. It doesn’t fix that. It doesn’t fix all the comorbid issues that come along with feeling like they’re in the wrong body, but yet they’re pushing this.”

“And we’re going to do some shows that are already taped, that are revealing what the real results of this are,” he added. “And I think people are going to be shocked that these medical organizations have signed off on this. I think they’ve just given in to the pressure.”

Dr. Phil had more criticism of the gender-transition industry.

“You can talk kids into almost anything. You can talk little kids into believing in Santa Claus,” he said.

“The percentage of girls claiming to be transgender has gone up, by some reports, 800% or 1000% over the last several years,” he noted. “I think a lot of it is owing to social media platforms and the internet… You read about it. You see it on social media. And, you think, well, I can distinguish myself in this way. There is a social contagion effect. So people can jump on the bandwagon.”

“But they’ve done things that can’t be reversed,” he commented. “I think that’s really tragic.”

By Melinda Davies
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