Donny Deutsch: ‘Every General Who Worked Under Trump Needs to Scare the Shit Out of People About Him’

[WARNING: Adult Language]

Political commentator Donny Deutsch claimed on Friday during MSNBC’s “Deadline” that President Joe Biden and Democrats should “scare the sh*t out of people” with what they think will happen during a second presidency of Donald Trump.

Deutsch began: “Do you remember when you had a guy like Milley would not take orders from Trump and start to put troops on Americans? That will change. So, there is no independent military or independent judiciary.”

“We’re seeing what that would look like. Guess what, you can’t depend on the rule of law anymore, and independent Federal Communications Commission, you can’t depend on that and certainly not on an independent Justice Department. Freedom will end. Things like women, birth control, that will go away,” he continued.

“Here’s the campaign the Democrats need to run. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot. There are four people that need to step forward. Kelly, Mattis, McMaster, and Milley. And there needs to be a general campaign where these generals, who have worked with him, need to turn to the American public and turn to the camera and say, ‘You don’t understand how scary this can be. We really can go over a cliff here,’” Deutsch claimed.

“These people, patriots, need to start to stand up because that’s who America listens to,” he added.

“I think if you do the right campaign with those four guys, and you continue to put the message out – you’re going to lose control of your bodies, women. Immigration will even get worse as it did the first time with Donald Trump. Our democracy is really, really, really on the line here. And our way of life will change. Get people– scare the sh*t out of people,” he concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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