Donna Brazile Admits Democrats Screwed up, Compares Trump to Ronald Regan: ‘This Is a Movement’

Former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile called the support for Donald Trump amid legal battles “a movement” on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

Brazile started, “I’ve seen two movements outside the social justice movement in my life on the political side, one was the Regan movement.

“Regan had a hold on his base, the country at large.

“They saw him as someone who was willing to stand up for American values, whatever that might have been.

“Now I thought it was reactionary.

“The other I saw was Barack Obama, ‘Hope and Change.’

“That galvanized the American people,” Brazile elaborated.

“I’ve never seen anything like this with Donald Trump.

“I mean what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I mean being convict.”

Brazile got ahead of herself as Trump hasn’t been convicted.

She corrected with, “I mean being indicted that’s making him stronger, raising 10 million dollars using an ugly mug shot to raise money.

“This is a movement and anyone who thinks you can apply the old political rules to try to defeat this candidate based on he’s scary he’s ugly whatever you might want to call him this is a movement and we have to respect the fact it’s a movement.”

X user Johnny Maga shared a clip of Brazile:

“Donna Brazile is sounding the alarm on ABC news in response to Trump’s rising poll numbers ‘I’ve never seen anything like this with Donald Trump… this is a MOVEMENT.’”

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Liberals and many Never-Trumpers are frustrated by the continued support Trump has amid what appears, they were hoping, would take him out of the race.

Instead, Trump has declared that the legal battles and even a possible conviction won’t stop him on his path back to the White House, and support for him has only grown.

With each indictment, it appears that support only solidifies for Trump.

A Wall Street Journal poll released Saturday showed that Trump was tied with Joe Biden in a head-to-head match and +1 if Green party’s Cornel West was thrown into the mix.

Democrats aren’t happy with those numbers, and Brazile believes they aren’t going after Trump the right way as it is a movement.

By Liam Donovan
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9 months ago

Someone Please Tell Donna Brazile that No One believes anything that is written in their Liberal Rags, like the Wall St./N.Y. Times, etal. It is Just them all carrying the Corrupt Dem’s Water. She touts the Corrupt Dem’s Just as she was Upset when THEY offed Seth Rich, who Was A Democrat Worker who was Killed outside the Bar, with NOTHING taken from him, No Wallet, No Jewelry, etc. as Seth Rich was “Going to Spill The Beans, his being on the “INSIDE” that coming Monday…..she questioned the Police but was ‘Shut Down’ and Never heard from again on this matter-Hillary I think had told her to also ‘BACK OFF’….Yep, Corrupt Democrats are Used to Playing Dirty and for Keeps….Nice Try Donna, as You too, Play the Game!

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