Donald Trump’s New Hampshire Rally Disrupted by Protester Yelling He’s ‘Going to Jail’

A Trump campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday night was briefly disrupted by a protester that the former president called a paid “Soros agitator.”

“Now we know that politics is getting serious,” Trump said. “Now we know we’re getting serious.”

“He’s just a disturbed person,” Trump added. “Remember that used to happen all the time? People used to call for it. Where is that? We want it back.”

“But no, probably, we’re really now into political season,” he continued. “That is happening, it’s happening, and the people in this room know it and he probably knows, too.”

“And a lot of those guys, by the way, are paid,” he went on. “By Soros and these people. They’re troublemakers. A lot of those people are paid.”

Trump supporter Laura Loomer reported on the incident.

“WATCH: Soros agitator showed up to President Trump’s rally in Manchester, NH tonight and just got drowned out by chants of ‘TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP’ and “’USA USA’ after shouting ‘you’re going to JAIL’ while President Trump was speaking.”

“Trump called the man a ‘disturbed person’. He was escorted out for being belligerent,” Loomer added.

Fox News recently reported that Trump has a commanding lead in the Republican primaries.

Former President Trump is dominating the polls in all early voting states, putting him more than 30 points ahead of his closest competitor, according to new polling.

Trump, who solidified his standing as the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination after winning the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses Monday night, now has his sights set on New Hampshire.

Trump traveled to the Granite State this week after his Iowa victory in which he dominated his GOP opponents by winning 98 of 99 counties. He ultimately collected 20 delegates in the state. 

As Donald Trump continues to fortify his hold on the Republican field, one can be assured that these campaign disruptions by protesters is only going to become more common, whether they are ‘paid by Soros’ or not.

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By Melinda Davies
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1 month ago

Amazing this didn’t start sooner! This indicates a deep panic due to Trump’s incomparable popularity. They’ve just released the brakes…because they don’t know what else to do.
What this heckler did was to remind those in attendance that Democrats lowered themselves to Mussolini’s standards! They’re emulating history’s worst dictators, by attempting to jail the political rival. Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot maintained their power with iron fists and intimidation…JUST LIKE THIS!
The Democrats and Joe Biden are now forever in the Despicable Dictator Club! Both sides know ALL charges are contrived. Both sides know they’re untrue, but the setup includes Leftist “judges,” who operate on orders from above! It’s all fixed, all weaponized!
This poorly conceived attack ON AMERICA is backfiring spectacularly! The more they throw at Trump, the higher his polling! The Left is responsible for Trump’s success! Americans see the Communist overtones of their strategy…and they are appalled! Democrats have shown the world their Communist underbelly…and Americans won’t forget! We know who they are!
Even if Trump is jailed on one of these preplanned attacks…I WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM!
In that event, what happens? Can the Commies in the White House defeat the will of the people?
By sinking this low, Democrats have ruined their brand. Freedom loving Americans are shocked to see Biden act like Castro while embracing the Globalist agenda! We will do what’s necessary to root out the enemy and their ideology and restore Freedom, Peace and Prosperity again!
We call it MAGA!
Keep your head high President Trump. True Americans are behind you!

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