Donald Trump Visits Atlanta Chick-fil-A, Makes Huge Order, Then Gets Told ‘I Don’t Care What the Media Says, We Support You’

Former and possible future President Donald Trump went into the belly of the beast today, Atlanta, Georgia. Despite recent lawfare attempts against him in the surrounding region, Trump was in the area to fundraise and made an unexpected stop.

Many Democrats probably think that they have the African American working class vote locked up. However, polling and real time activity show that they may be losing that stranglehold. Viral videos started surfacing recently on X showing Trump ordering “30 milkshakes”, and lots of chicken, and “taking care” of all the other customers in the store.

The reaction from the Atlanta restaurant staff was not even close to lukewarm, in fact, they truly loved seeing the real estate and political legend right before their eyes and seemed quite giddy in fact. One person in the crowd yelled out to President Trump: “I don’t care what the media says about you, we support you” to which Trump responded by asking for and receiving a huge hug.

Although polls nationally are tight, Trump shows resounding strength against Joe Biden in almost all swing states and the Democrats are in a tight spot for the 2024 presidential race. Elections like this are almost always unpredictable, and many are concerned about voter fraud. It’s still one to watch as things heat up and the summer months bring prime campaign season events very soon.

It’s clear that win or lose, the media and its allies have done a bang-up job lying about who does and doesn’t support Donald Trump and this nation in its traditional sense.

By Liam Donovan
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